Dream of: 18 December 1983 "Sil"

I was living with an aunt of mine in a very beautiful house. While living here I built a cabin behind the house. After I finished building it, I decided I was going to live in the cabin. But then my aunt decided to go on vacation for a while. She left and I was put in charge of her house. I decided to stay in her house and put an ad in the paper to rent my cabin.

That night I was in my aunt's house when I heard some people out back near my little house. Before I had a chance to go out back and investigate, a girl walked into the house from the back. I began talking with her and she said the people were using some drugs out back. I asked her if they were using psilocybin mushrooms. She said, "Yea, they were calling it 'sil'."

I wanted to eat some psilocybin mushrooms myself. I thought I should go out back and talk to the people. Before I could go out, however, seven or eight of them came into the big house.

They seemed to just be moving in and taking over. They apparently thought I had been advertising the big house rather than the little house for rent and they were intending to stay in the big house. They were tracking on the carpeting and appeared to be a rough bunch of people. They were smoking and I feared they would burn the carpeting or something else. I was also afraid they would steal some of the valuable things in the house during the night.

I was afraid of them and I wanted them to leave, but I didn't know how to tell them. I thought if I said anything, they would somehow hurt me. The first chance I had, I sneaked down into the basement where a phone was. I found a phone book and searched for the police number. I looked and looked but couldn't find it. Finally I saw on the back of the front cover where it said police. I wrote down the address of the house I was in, 1020 21st Street.

I picked up the receiver, but I could tell someone had picked the phone up upstairs. I waited until the person got off the phone upstairs. I didn't dare talk while someone was on the phone. I wondered if I should tell the police when I called them that the people had been using drugs. I dialed the number. A female answered and said, "Hello."

I whispered as low as I could, "Can you please help me. Some people have come into my house and just taken it over. I don't even know who they are. My address is 1020 21st Street. Please come as soon as possible."

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