Dream of: 17 December 1983 "Carry A Heavy Load"

I was among a large group of people at a convention center. I had committed a crime and knew a sheriff was here looking for me. A lawyer was also here to whom I had given about a thousand dollars several months before to handle my case and protect me. So far he hadn't done anything for me.

Feeling defiant, I went to the sheriff, planted myself in front of him and said something to him. He tried to grab me, but I ran. He began chasing me around the convention center.

I ran past my lawyer and screamed out to him to do something to help me. He did nothing and I continued running. I looked back and saw the lawyer had delayed the sheriff. I was able to run out a door and lose the sheriff. I ran along outside the building and then back into the building.

The sheriff didn't see me. I ran across a corridor and out another door to the back of the building. There I saw about ten Greyhound buses. The destinations of the buses were posted on signs in the windows, but I didn't recognize any of them. I wanted to go south. Finally I jumped onto a bus and asked the driver if he were going south. He said he was and I said, "Great."

As I sat down in a seat, I had an image in my mind of a blonde girl boarding a bus like the one I was on. In my mind I saw the blonde ask the driver of the bus where it was going and he told her it was going south. After she sat down, a man walked up and sat across the aisle from her.

The image seemed almost as if it were on a movie screen. The image only showed the man from the chest down, so I was unable to see his face. The image gradually rose until I could see the man's face. He was large and black a rather frightening figure.

In my mind I saw a picture of the whole bus everyone on it was black. The large black man sitting across the aisle from the blonde seemed like a pimp; I feared he would take advantage of the blonde. She didn't know where the bus was going and finally asked someone. The person said the bus was going to Cleveland. The girl, looking sad and forlorn, said, "I'd like to go to Switzerland."

Someone said, "Oh, yea Switzerland. It's two and a half miles east of Cleveland.

Apparently the person was talking of a small town named Switzerland which was east of Cleveland.

The image disappeared and I realized I was sitting in the back seat where the image of the girl had been sitting. I looked back through the bus and saw that it was indeed filled with black people and I thought, "Well, I've ridden on buses before filled with black people."

I looked to my side; Louise was sitting beside me. I felt sad about having been chased by the sheriff and escaping on the bus. I laid my head on Louise's lap so I was looking straight up at her face; she began caressing my hair. I felt extremely sad and tears welled up in my eyes.

Suddenly the black people on the bus broke into a religious song. I recognized the song and heard the words .".. carry a heavy load ....." I was uncertain I wanted Louise to see me with the tears in my eyes. She wasn't looking down at me. I was moved by the song. I felt her begin to look down at me, but it no longer bothered me that she might see my tears.

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