Dream of: 15 December 1983 "Giants"

Lynn (a Waco attorney) and I were together in a car which I was driving through the country. We had been traveling on the interstate highway for a long time. I had been thinking about something for so long I had practically forgotten I was driving. Finally I snapped out of my reverie and concentrated again on driving. I thought how the time had just disappeared while I had been thinking. I couldn't even recall what I had been thinking about for so long.

Finally we came to a dirt road and I pulled onto it. We continued along and I noticed we were no longer in a car but were actually walking along the road. I looked down the road and saw how it made a right turn ahead. A field was to our right and I decided to take a short cut across the field. Lynn followed me.

As we started across the field I noticed a blue car and a couple other cars parked in the field. The tail lights of the blue car were on so I concluded someone must be in it.

The dirt was a very soft in the field where we were walking. Finally we bent over on our hands and knees and began crawling along.

By the time we reached the middle of the field I noticed people walking toward us from several directions. They were extremely tall people perhaps 20 meters. We were so small in comparison to the giants.

I had a knife in my back pocket. One of the tall men was also wearing a large knife. I hoped they weren't going to attack us. One also had a gun. As they walked past I asked them where something was. The man with the gun pulled it out and pointed to the road with it.

Then he began talking about guns. He said something about a Magnum. #9; The gun he had was a bright silver color. He said it was only a .50 Magnum.

We continued crawling along and the tall man continued talking. We were all the way down on our stomachs. After we had crawled quite a distance form him, he shouted to Lynn and said, "From where I am I might be able to blow your head off. But I would probably just hit you."

He aimed the gun at Lynn and fired. I heard the bullet hit near Lynn. We crawled on and the man shot again at Lynn. I pulled out a gun which I had and asked Lynn, "Do you think I ought to shoot back?"

Lynn was absolutely terrified and shaking. He said, "No. No. Let's just go on."

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