Dream of: 14 December 1983 (2) "Trial In The Bedroom"

While I was sleeping nude in the upstairs back bedroom of the House in Patriot, Mrs. Whitworth (an elderly legal client), who was living in the House, walked in. I knew Mrs. Whitworth's husband was downstairs and I didn't want him to see me nude, but I rose from the bed and stood nude in front of her. We began talking about a case I was handling for her against Shrum (a Waco architect) and she said she had something important to tell me. She had received an offer from Shrum to settle the case for 60% of what Shrum had originally been asking. I thought about it and said, "That's great."

Before the trial had begun we had offered to settle for 70% of what Shrum had been asking. Now he was apparently willing to settle for only 60%. I thought that would be excellent.

Mrs. Whitworth left the room and went downstairs. I lay back down, thought about the matter a while longer and suddenly realized I had urinated in the bed. The urine had soaked all the way to my feet.

I heard Mrs. Whitworth return to the next room and thought, "Well, since she's seen me naked once, it doesn't matter now."

I stood from the bed; I had a partial erection. I walked into the next room in front of her and felt rather aroused. She looked at me and asked what I was doing there. I held my hands over my penis, began talking to her about the settlement and told her I thought it would be excellent to settle for that amount.

She left. I returned to the bedroom, began dressing and put on a suit.

People began walking into the bedroom and I realized they were assembling for the trial between Whitworth and Shrum, which was going to take place right here in the bedroom. A bench was set up for the judge and tables were arranged for the parties. The judge, whom I had never seen before, sat down. Mrs. Whitworth entered and she and I sat to the left of a long table in front of the bench.

A lady lawyer showed up to represent Shrum and sat on the table at the right. Louise walked in and sat down on the other side of the lady lawyer. I knew Louise was on my side. Both Louise and the other lady lawyer were wearing suits.

The trial commenced. Whitworth took the stand, which was on my right, and testified. Louise questioned Whitworth while I listened.

The case was about a car wreck which had occurred at Whitworth's house. Whitworth lived in the second story of a house which had a garage under it. Apparently as she had been leaving her garage she had hit Shrum's car.

After Louise finished questioning Whitworth, our side rested. I thought Whitworth had done an excellent job of presenting her case. The opposing side didn't cross examine Whitworth.

The other side brought in a witness and the lady lawyer began her examination of the witness. She asked a question which I thought was irrelevant and I objected, "Objection, your honor. The question is a stranger to the instance."

The lady lawyer asked another question and I made the same objection.

I was the one who was going to cross examine the witness. The question I wanted answered was why Shrum's car had been at Whitworth's house in the first place. Shrum hadn't been driving it. I thought it was possible someone had parked the car there negligently. That was the point I wanted to bring out with my questions.

I began thinking perhaps we had erred by only having had one witness.

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