Dream of: 14 December 1983 "Drinking Party"

Vaughn and I were in his office talking. I was afraid he would be upset because I had mishandled a couple projects I had been working on for him.

We began talking about my looking for another job. I told him I had begun, but I hadn't yet found anything. He said if I found someone else to work for, he would go to them and give me a good recommendation. I told him I wasn't expecting him to actually go and talk with anyone. But he said that was what would be expected.

He said if he received a letter from the east saying that the person who was seeking employment looked good, what the letter really meant was that he should get his ass up there immediately.

I didn't expect him, however, to actually go somewhere to give a recommendation for me. But he began talking about what he would say. He said he would begin by telling how Steve used to throw little drinking parties. I thought he was going to continue by saying, ."..but then he stopped." I knew he would have to say he had never seen me take a drink of alcohol in his life. I thought that would put me in a good light.

Instead he stood up and began telling a little story about himself and his days in law school. He appeared to have been drinking alcohol and he slurred some of his words as he spoke.

He talked about his first wife. I was surprised to hear he had even had a first wife since I hadn't know he had been married before. He said his first wife had been unfaithful to him with a man named "Paul." The story was rather sordid. Apparently he had caught his first wife and Paul together at a drinking party.

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