Dream of: 13 December 1983 (2) "Empire State Building"

I was in the back seat of a car being driven by my old friend Weinstein. Anderson (another friend from my high school and college years) was also sitting in the front seat. We were headed for New York City. We finally reached the city and drove around in it. I saw the magnificent Empire State Building and I commented about how beautiful it was.

We drove past a street with many theaters and neon lights.

I was quite excited about being in New York where I planned to stay a while with Weinstein. I had $1,500 with me and I thought that would last three months if I spent $500 a month.

I wanted to stay in New York on a permanent basis and thought about Weinstein, "He must be surprised to finally see me arriving in New York and planning on staying."

As we drove along I said, "I'm going to have to find me a job."

I had my book of dreams with me and thought I would like for Weinstein to read my dreams. I knew I hadn't been faithfully recording the dreams lately, but I thought I would show him dreams I had previously processed on the word processor. I had quite a few of those he could read. I remembered I had recently had a dream in which Weinstein had appeared and I thought he would be more likely to read my dreams if he had been appearing in some.

We pulled into a parking lot at Weinstein's place and I said, "Will I be able to park here if I'm staying with you?"

"Sure," he answered.

I asked, "Well, is it always going to be empty?"

He answered, "Well, no. During the week it really fills up. You might have trouble finding a parking spot."

I thought at least it was free.

We stepped from the car, entered the building and ascended the stairs to Weinstein's place. I thought I needed to call Louise. I knew I wouldn't be able to call her often because it would cost too much. I would probably need to begin writing her instead.

We entered Weinstein's place. It was the same studio apartment he had been living in when I last visited him in 1979. I thought it would be difficult for him to move since he had so many books to take along.

Weinstein and Anderson lay down on the bed in the room. Two chairs were pushed together next to the bed and I lay down on those. They were quite comfortable; I thought I would sleep on them while I stayed with Weinstein.

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