Dream of: 13 December 1983 "Possibly Pregnant"

While walking around a fair with Birdie, I had realized I might be pregnant. I didn't think I was, but thought there was a possibility. I was worried and talked with Birdie about it.

I wanted to escape from Birdie and leave her permanently. But she followed me everywhere I went. Finally we both climbed to the top of a large slide at the fair. I decided I was going to escape from her no matter what. I jumped onto the slide and slid down as fast as I could. I noticed how contorted the slide was as I sped toward the ground.

Birdie also jumped onto the slide, came after me and reached the ground before I did. She was waiting for me at the bottom when I arrived.

We settled down at the fair that night and went to sleep. I awoke in the middle of the night and thought, "Now's my chance. I'll sneak away from her."

I arose and began slipping away. I saw some police nearby who knew of my problem. I felt like talking to them and explaining it more fully. But I hadn't gone three meters when Birdie jumped up and raced over to me. Apparently she had been lying there awake. It seemed impossible to escape her.

I was still concerned I might be pregnant. I told Birdie I needed to go to a doctor to determine if I were pregnant. I was terrified by the thought. Perhaps I should have an abortion.

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