Dream of: 12 December 1983 "Frozen Spiders"

I was walking along Valley Mills Drive in Waco admiring the construction of the new Westview National Bank building. Large granite blocks had been erected about ten stories high on one side of the building. Windows were to the right and the left of the granite blocks.

Another side consisted of blue and glass panes. I could see small, white specks on that side of the bank. They were about the size of the face of my watch. I wondered if someone would have to climb a ladder to reach them to scrape them off.

I tried to remember what had been on the land before the bank had been built. I thought several buildings had been bulldozed down to make way for the more important bank.

Mounds of dirt had been piled up for a curb along the side of a driveway to the bank. The concrete hadn't yet been poured for the driveway. I walked along the curb. It seemed like sand and I feared I would damage it. Finally I sat down along the curb.

I looked down at the ground and saw some holes with black spider in them. Some of the spiders ran into a hole. A couple spiders looked as if they had been smashed. Some looked as if they were frozen and were so cold they could hardly move. Some more ran into the holes. I was unsure the spiders had made the holes; perhaps crabs had built them.

As I sat here I saw a sailboat in the distance. I thought about how beautiful sailboats were. I would like to be on one. I rose and walked in the direction of the boat. I reached a body of water and saw several boats on the water.

I boarded a motor boat and began sailing over the water. Several other motor boats were nearby.

Suddenly I fell out of the boat and the boat began cartwheeling over the water. Finally it ran on to the shore. I swam toward it. I noticed another fellow likewise swimming toward the boat. He reached the shore first, walked to the boat and retrieved it. It was so small he picked it up in one hand. It was only about 30 centimeters long. I waded up almost to the shore and he handed the boat to me.

I realized then the fellow was Dave Wisener (a former high school schoolmate). I hadn't seen him since high school. I said to him, "Thanks, Dave."

He answered, "Nothing to it.

He jumped back into the water and swam off.

The boat had a cord attached to the motor. I began pulling the cord trying to start the motor. I was unsuccessful at first. The cord kept getting tangled up. But finally it started. I noticed it appeared to look more like a small fan than a motor boat. It had a wire frame. It was now so small I could hold it in the palm of my hand. The cord became wrapped around the blades and I tried to disentangle it even as the blades spun around. Finally I set it down on the shore.

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