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Dream of: 07 December 1983 "Kidnapping"

My girlfriend Louise and I were in the bedroom of an apartment. While Louise was sitting on the bed in her blue robe, a man abruptly ran into the room and locked the door behind him. I thought I recognized him as Billy Boren's (a legal client) grandson and I thought his name was Keith Sherrill. He said someone was chasing him, and he thought it was Borens's son, but he was unsure. He put the chain on the door.

I thought I understood what was wrong. I thought it was all a big mistake because I hadn't told Boren's son I had had Keith Sherrill do something for me.

A knock came at the door and someone said, "Open up the door."

I said, "Who is it? Is this the Borens?"

The person said, "Hell no."

But it sounded like them and I still thought it was the Borens outside. I said, "Well, this is Steve Collier. If you want to tell me what it is, I'll take care of it. If not we'll call the police."

They said, "All right, let's go."

Suddenly they began pounding on the door and broke it open, but the chain still held. They pushed again, broke the chain and two burly men rushed in.

I realized it wasn't the Borens and immediately became frightened. One of them grabbed Louise and picked her up. The other came after me. Louise began screaming, "Help! Help! Help!"

I began screaming at the top of my lungs, "Help! Help!"

I could see through the door to the door of a neighboring apartment. I hoped someone there would realize we were in trouble and call the police. I screamed, "Help! Kidnapping! Help!"

Louise screamed the same thing. I didn't see Keith Sherrill anywhere.

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