Dream of: 03 December 1983 "Sitting Buddha"

I was living in an upstairs room of a small garage apartment where Brian had previously lived. When I had moved in, I had given Brian over $200 with which to pay my rent. I later learned Brian hadn't used the money to pay my rent and I became quite upset. Brian stopped in to visit me and I confronted him with the fact. He said he had had to use the money elsewhere. I was quite perturbed and told him I had to have the money because the rent had to be paid.

We walked outside to the bottom of the outside stairs talking about the matter. Brian was trying to figure out some way to obtain the money. Suddenly a poor black fellow who was apparently a friend of Brian's walked by. Brian called him over and asked if he could borrow twenty dollars from him. The fellow pulled out his billfold and gave Brian the money.

Some other people walked up and Brian did the same thing with them. One of them, who reminded me of Martin, said he would like to loan Brian some money because he thought Brian was a good risk and asked me what I thought. I didn't say anything. Brian soon gathered a substantial amount of money; I remarked how well Brian borrowed money. Perhaps I should be helping him since I had been considering becoming a loan broker.

I asked Brian if he had enough money to pay me; he said he thought he did. We went into the house and he gave me the money. I spread it out on the table and began counting it. I had thought he had some $100 bills, but after spreading it out I didn't see any hundreds.

I did however see the top half centimeter of a $100 bill which had been cut off from the rest of the bill. I held it up, showed it to Brian and said, "Nobody's going to accept this, you know."

He said, "Oh yea, they'll accept it. I'd bet $100 on it."

I said, "Oh, you want to bet $100 on it? I'll bet you $100."

But then I backed off and thought, "Na, I'm not going to bet $100 because they might accept it."

But then I thought, "I need to become more decisive in my actions. If I say I'm going to do something then do it and not hesitate."

I said, "Yea, I'll bet you $100 that this little piece of a $100 bill is not acceptable.

Then Brian backed off and he didn't want to bet.

I continued looking at the money and saw other bits and pieces of money mixed in with it. One piece looked like a ten dollar bill. Brian said it was some kind of bank draft. He seemed to know what he was talking about; I remembered he was presently studying bills and notes at law school.

I found one tiny piece of paper money about the size of a penny except it was irregularly cut. I looked at it closely and saw a picture of a sitting Buddha on it.

A friend of Brian's entered. I had quite a few of my possessions lying around; my flute was lying on the table. Another fellow was standing outside the door. I realized both the fellow who had entered and the other fellow outside were playing flutes. The flutes were quite small, only about twelve centimeters long.

They sounded quite good. I thought, "Well, Brian has some friends who come around just to play music with him. These must be a couple of them. I need to have some friends to play music with like that."

Brian left before we were fully able to resolve the matter of how much money he still owed me.

I walked into the next room. I heard someone enter the house, went back into the room where I had been and found a young fellow and a young girl there. They were the son and daughter of the landlord. I didn't appreciate their walking in like that; I asked them if they thought they should knock before entering. Before they answered, their father walked in.

I began explaining to him I had just moved in and was telling his children they should knock before they entered. He ignored me. He acted as if he hadn't even known I had been living there. I was unsure Brian had even told him I had moved in. They stayed for a few minutes and left.

I walked outside and down the stairs. I saw an apartment was below mine and someone had been remodeling it with brick. It looked as if it were going to be a nice apartment when it was finished. Some people inside seemed to be laying brick for a chimney.

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