Dream of: 30 November 1983 "Recorded Dream"

I was thinking about how my old friend Steve Weinstein had visited me once when Louise had been with me. Louise and I had been lying down together and I had pulled Louise's blouse up so her breasts had been visible. Weinstein had come over to her and had had begun biting her breasts; but I hadn't wanted him to do it, because I had feared he would scratch Louise with his whiskers.

As I lay thinking about the episode, Weinstein actually walked into the room. I was surprised and happy to see him. I hadn't talked to him in a long time; he looked older. He sat down, we began talking and I told him I was now a lawyer. He nodded his head as if he figured as much. He didn't seem impressed and I wondered if that meant anything. He asked, "Have you been well introduced?"

I knew what he meant by that. I wanted to tell him I had met five or six important people who were financially well-off. I thought specifically of Mr. Woods (a legal client). I said, "But I haven't met any artists lately."

I regretted that.

Louise walked into the room; I was happy to see her. She sat down next to us with her back to Weinstein. I felt very close to her and felt I really loved her.

When she sat down it looked as if her skirt pulled up some; I thought Weinstein was able to look up her skirt from the back, but I was unsure. In a way I wanted Weinstein to look up Louise's skirt so he could see what a nice body she had.

Weinstein picked up Louise's cassette player, which was lying near him, and turned it on. I heard my voice and thought the cassette was of a dream I had recorded. I heard my voice say the word "Steve," and was unsure whether I had been referring to Steve Weinstein or Steve Buckner. I looked at Steve and said, "I dream about you a lot."

He reversed the tape to the beginning, began going through it again and I heard screaming and arguing in the background coming from the tape. I didn't know what it was at first, but then I realized what it was and said, "That's Louise and I arguing."

I didn't think that was a very good thing for him to be listening to, but it was right there on the tape.

The tape continued and suddenly someone began singing. The music was quite nice and I realized it was music I had recorded and forgotten was on the tape. Apparently I had recorded it before I had recorded the dream. I lay down on the floor, Weinstein lay on the bed and we continued listening to the music.

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