Dream of: 29 November 1983 "Flawed Ring"

When I had gone to pick up an engagement ring I had ordered for Louise, I discovered the ring had a nick on one side. I talked with the man who had given me the ring and learned he had tried to hammer out a flaw on the ring. The side of the ring opposite the flawed side was also damaged and appeared to have gold paint peeling off it.

Birdie walked in; I showed her the ring and we stood scrutinizing it several minutes. I was quite upset about the flaw and told Birdie we should refuse to take it; we should order a smaller, more perfect diamond which we had earlier seen.

We walked into another room where many people were sitting around different tables. Birdie walked over to one table and sat down while I sat at another one. I lost sight of her for a while. When I saw her again she was sitting alone at a table; she braided her hair in a number of strands in a becoming way. She looked young and beautiful.

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