Dream of: 28 November 1983 "Bolivia"

While I was talking with Vaughn and his wife in the Law Office in Waco, Vaughn mentioned he had once had a house in Rio. I said, "Rio? You mean Rio de Janeiro?"

He said that was right. He said he had lived there for a while, but had had a problem spending too much time vacationing while he was there. He used to pack up his things, go to the lake and spend the day there. But since he didn't really enjoy doing that, he had finally sold the house, which apparently had been quite nice.

I began thinking about what a cultured lady Mrs. Vaughn was. She had traveled around the world and could speak different languages. Perhaps I should become better acquainted with her. I wanted to talk with her and learn more about her.

Vaughn indicated he would like to deal more with Latin America and I mentioned that if he had some money, he might be able to become involved in one of the Latin American governments. He said he would like to do that. I began considering which country would be best to become involved with and thought about Bolivia, but was uncertain.

Vaughn indicated he didn't want to work there as a lawyer, but would prefer to somehow buy his way into the government. However he said if he were 25 years old, he would go to Latin America and begin working as a lawyer. I said, "I know exactly what you mean."

In my mind I saw the words "twenty five" handwritten on a page. Even though I was older than twenty-five, I understood what Vaughn meant.

I began considering how my girlfriend Louise and I would look for work if we were to go together to Latin America. If we would go to Rio de Janeiro, for example, it would be difficult to explain to the people there what kind of work we did. But I might be able to make up a series of charts and show the people through the charts.

I thought I would have a chart explaining about Baylor Law School and how Baylor was renowned for its trial lawyers. I imagined myself standing in front of the people in my suit explaining the charts. Then they would be able to see how well I could speak in front of people.

My old friend Steve Buckner walked into the room. Vaughn saw him coming and left. He apparently didn't want to talk with Buckner.

Buckner was now also working for Vaughn. I had been with Buckner in a class at law school and had mentioned to him that Vaughn had a clerking position open. Buckner had come to the office and been hired for the position.

Buckner sat down and I sat beside him. He had acne on his face. I asked him how he was doing and he said things weren't going well for him. They were about as bad as they could be.

I could tell by looking at Buckner he had probably been drinking a lot of alcohol and smoking a lot of marijuana. He had apparently let himself go and he didn't seem to have any self discipline or restraint. I felt quite the opposite. I felt I had exercised much self discipline in my life and I wasn't in Buckner's position. How awful it must be to let oneself completely go as Buckner apparently had done.

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