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Dream of: 26 November 1983 "Strip Joint"

I had moved my office into the office which Jim Terrell (a Waco attorney) had previously been occupying in the Law Office in Waco, and I was sitting at my desk in the Office.

A lady who was waiting in the reception room had talked with me once before and I had sent her away to gather more information. She wanted to talk with Vaughn (another Waco attorney) and she was becoming increasingly impatient with waiting.

I walked out to the reception room and began talking with her. She was a thin lady (around 45 years old). She wore glasses and was unattractive. She told me she was going to leave and find another lawyer because she needed to talk with someone immediately. Both Vaughn and Terrell were busy at the moment. I started to recommend her to someone and tell her to go ahead, but then I thought, "Well I'll just invite her into my office."

I said, "Well, Mr. Vaughn is busy right now, but I can probably help you if you just want to come right in here."

I was rather satisfied with my actions and I thought, "Well, this is just a client that we wouldn't even be getting if I hadn't thought to invite her into my office."

She walked into my office, sat down and began explaining her problem to me. It had to do with a contract. As she talked, I didn't quite grasp all the facts, but then she showed me some papers and told me the contract had been signed in January of a certain year. I began writing some of the dates. It appeared the entire time involved was about four months.

The affair had something to do with a strip joint for male dancers. She began going into details and said a fellow named "Bob" who had been wearing a G-string had given her some information.

I continued listening, trying to piece together the story. I pondered how I would possibly handle the suit. I figured I would need to do some things which would require some expense money. I wondered if she had already given Vaughn or Terrell a retainer fee. I thought I would probably have to ask her for a retainer fee and I wondered if I should ask only for expenses or for more. I thought, "Well, maybe I'll ask for $100."

Then I thought, "Well, no. I'll ask for $250."

I felt hesitant about asking her for a retainer. I didn't know exactly how to pose the question.

I stood up and was preparing to tell her I could handle her case for her. I was going to tell her I could probably handle the case as well as Vaughn and my services would probably cost her less money. Just because one lawyer was paid more didn't necessarily mean he was doing a better job.

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