Dream of: 20 November 1983 (2) "At The Bar"

Louise, who was wearing something pink, and I had gone to a bar in Portsmouth. We sat down at a table and Louise began drinking something alcoholic. I wasn't drinking anything, and Louise's drinking alcohol bothered me. I stood up and when I looked at her, she seemed almost like a little baby.

A fellow wearing black pants, a black shirt and a black cowboy hat walked up, sat next to Louise and leaned over into her face.

Although the fellow was rather large, I immediately jumped up and jerked him away from Louise. I held onto him and pushed him away. He obviously wanted to fight and I said, "I just want you to stop bothering my wife."

Finally he angrily walked away.

Louise stood up, walked toward the door and went outside. I thought the man was going to follow her, but instead he walked over to the side of the room. I followed Louise outside into the street. She was so intoxicated she could barely walk; she was stumbling excessively. I walked to her, held her and said, "We need to look for the car and leave here."

I began looking for the yellow car Louise used to own, but I couldn't find it. Finally we saw my green 1973 Mercury Comet and headed toward it. But she didn't want to leave. She wanted to return to the bar. I acted nonchalant and said, "Well, you can go back in there, can't you?"

""Yes," she answered.

"And you can sit down and drink some?"


"You can sit down and talk to the men in the bar, can't you?"


"And they can buy drinks for you, can't they?"


"And then you can suck their dicks, can't you, you whore!"

She became very angry.

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