Dream of: 10 November 1983 (2) "India Account"

My girlfriend Louise and I hadn't seen each other in over a week and I was very upset. We had had an argument and she had stopped coming around. I was beginning to think we weren't going to see each other any more and I was trying to decide what I was going to do to stop thinking of her. Perhaps I should begin dating other girls to take her off my mind.

Although I already had a checking account, I had recently opened a second checking account at a local bank and had deposited about 41,000 into my new account. But then I lost my passbook and I thought I wouldn't be able to get my money back from the bank.

I continued to think about it; perhaps I could simply go and explain to the bank that I had lost my passbook. The money would still be there and I would be able to get it. I remembered Louise's father worked at the bank and I thought, "Well, if I go in there, he knows who I am. He can identify me for them. And they'll be able to give me my money."

The account I had opened was called an "India account." I was planning to go to India and with that account I would be able to withdraw the money in India if I wanted.

I was in a house where I was living with my mother. I heard a knock at the door, went to open it and found a law student standing there. He asked me if he could come in and I invited him in.

He said he had been going around looking for work and he wanted to know if we had any work there which he could do. I asked him what he was talking about. He said he was just going to houses trying to find work. I asked my mother if she had any work.

The walls in the room didn't have any plaster board on them and the ceilings also needed plaster board. I could see the brown, wood rafters which were only about 10 centimeters deep. The house was quite small. I asked my mother if she would like the law student to put on some plaster board for her. She didn't seem as if she wanted to pay anyone to do it. She wanted me to do it. But I simply didn't want to do it.

I asked the fellow how long it would take him to do the ceiling and he replied, "Oh, about nine hours."

I turned to my mother and said, "Look, you could just pay him twenty-five or thirty dollars. He would probably only charge us $3.15 and hour. Get it done that way. I just don't have time to fool around with all this stuff."

She said no, and the fellow began to leave. But I began talking to her again and finally she said yes. I said to him, "If you do a good job, maybe she'll let you do some more."

I was trying to make sure he would do a good job. He asked us if he could drink some beer while he was doing that. It offended me that he had waited till now to ask if he could drink beer while he was working.

But then he backed off and said he might just bring in a little friend to help him. But it was crowded enough in the room the way it was and I didn't want him to bring any little friends in. I was angry he hadn't said anything about any of this before we had negotiated the deal.

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