Dream of: 10 November 1983 "Transparent People"

Louise was living in her own house on the Gallia County Farm. It was about eight o'clock at night, and Louise was having a big party at her house. I and many other people were present and I had been drinking a little alcohol. I began looking for Louise, but couldn't find her anywhere; I concluded she might be down in the barn in the hay loft with another man.

I went to the barn and began looking for her, but couldn't find her anywhere. I returned to the house where time drug on and on. When I finally realized she had left, I became worried.

Another person and I then went to a nearby lake and began walking along a path on the bank. I knew Louise had a small blue Volkswagen and I was afraid she had tried to drive it along the path and had wrecked in the lake. As I walked along, I looked for the car in the water.

When the path finally gave way, my companion and I both slipped into the water. As I waded through the water, I thought about how the water was getting in my tennis shoes.

Suddenly, in front of me, I saw a large fish, which looked like a swordfish, lying against the bank. I said something to my companion, who was standing behind me, about the fish, which slowly swam past us. I had a stick in my hand and thought about knocking the fish in the head with the stick and capturing it; but I really didn't want to do that, and the fish swam on by.

As we continued wading along the bank, I noticed five, large, very pretty bugs on the surface of the water; the bugs were about sixty or seventy centimeters in diameter and they swam around us. We continued on until I was satisfied I couldn't find Louise's car here.

We returned to the house and I continued looking for Louise. My companion and I walked into the toilet and began searching through the cabinets to see if Louise had taken any of her perfume with her when she had left. It appeared that some of her perfume was missing and that she might have packed some things before leaving.

I noticed a small television which had only about a 10 centimeter wide screen sitting on a shelf in the bathroom. I thought, "Well, she would have probably taken that if she'd been leaving."

Louise also had two children which she had left behind here. I commented that it didn't seem as if a mother would leave her two children like that.

The party cleared out, a couple days passed and I was still trying to figure out what had happened to Louise. I realized if I were to look for her car and find it, I would also find her. I felt certain something terrible had happened to her and I would never see her again.

When I heard a car pull up outside, I looked up and saw Louise, wearing a coat, walk in the door. I was overjoyed and angry at the same time. I ran to her, grabbed her and pulled her coat off. She could tell I was very angry and said, "This is the angriest you've ever been at me, isn't it?"

I said, "Yes."

Even though I was angry, I was unspeakably overjoyed to see her. I wanted to know exactly where she had been and said, "Where have you been?"

She seemed rather abstracted and said, "Oh, you mean last Friday when I left?"

I said, "Yea, in the middle of the party you left."

She began trying to explain. She said she had been walking around at the party and had begun doing yoga in front of some people. She mentioned someone's name who should have seen her and told me about it. I said, "No, they never told me."

She said she had seen me drinking alcohol. She had hoped I had changed, but realized I had never really changed and was afraid I was never going to change.

I disagreed. I thought I had changed and I was continuing to change, but I could see her point to a certain extent and that bothered me.

She said she had merely wanted to get away for a little while and had driven away.

She lay on her back and as I held on to her, she began recounting where she had been. Suddenly a memory returned to her which she had forgotten. As the memory returned to her, it returned to me at the same time.

We remembered that while she had been away she had gone to the lake and while she had been standing in front of the lake, a doctor whom she knew and trusted had come up and kissed her on the cheek.

As that memory returned to me, I could vividly see what had transpired; I seemed to be remembering something I had seen myself, but instead of Louise, a boy (16-17 years old) was standing by the lake. The memory returned to me like a jolt; it also jolted Louise. After the doctor had kissed her, Louise had been thrown into a state of shock because she realized the doctor was a homosexual.

In my memory, boy had fallen in shock into the lake. Louise likewise had gone into shock and was just now remembering what she had completely forgotten.

I recovered slightly from the memory and looked around me in the room; Louise was no longer here. In her place the boy was now standing in the room. The boy's mother was also in the room.

In one hand the boy had a long, curved sword and in the other he held a knife. He laid the sword down and positioned the knife in front of himself like someone who was going to commit hara-kiri. He told his mother it was something he had learned from the Samurai. He was very forceful and vibrant and said he was going to show her how it was done. I thought, "Well, surely he's not going to commit hara-kiri. It's probably a collapsible knife. He's just acting like he's doing it."

The boy was wearing a green, army trench coat. Suddenly, with a deft motion, he stabbed the knife between his legs and as he pulled it back out, blood splattered the knife. At first I couldn't believe what had happened.

The boy fell over onto his back. I ran to him and ripped open his pants. At first I thought I saw some hamburger inside his pants and I thought he was just pulling a practical joke, but then I saw I was mistaken; he had no penis, and a hole had been slashed right between his legs. I picked him up and screamed to his mother, "We've got to call a doctor! Call a doctor!"

The mother answered that she had already called one. I looked and saw standing outside the very doctor who had kissed the boy beside the lake. I screamed, "No! Not him! We can't let him touch him!"

She answered, "Well, there's no other doctor around. It's a long way to the doctor. We have to."

I put the boy down, reached out and picked up the long, curved sword which was still lying there. When the doctor walked in, I threatened him with the sword; but the doctor didn't move. I pulled the sword back, took a big swing and slashed the doctor with it. To my astonishment, the sword passed right through the doctor; he was transparent. I slashed him again several times, but the sword just passed right through him every time. I couldn't believe it; I was thoroughly frightened.

I turned to the mother to see if the sword would also pass through her. I pointed the sword between her breasts and touched her with it; I could immediately tell she was solid. Then I tried it again and saw she wasn't solid; she was also transparent. I passed the sword through her.

I went to the boy and tried the sword on him. His leg was sticking up in the air and I touched the leg with the sword; the sword went right through the leg. He also was transparent; they were all transparent.

Something was very amiss there. I became extremely frightened and began hollering, "Mom! Mom!"

I hoped my mother was in the next room. I was terrified. Suddenly I realized I must be dreaming and tried to discern where I was. I tried to remember if I were in a home where my mother would be in the next room where I could holler to her; but I couldn't remember where I was.

I knew I could continue dreaming and perhaps manipulate the dream somewhat, but I was so frightened, I simply didn't want to continue and I forced myself to awaken.

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