Dream of: 09 November 1983 "Hope To Die"

I had transported a couch and television set into a field which seemed to be on the Gallia County Farm. Nearby was a dump where sundry items of junk had been discarded. As I cast my eye over the trash, I had the feeling that I wasn't supposed to be here, that something was forbidden about this place; but I stayed anyway.

I was able to hook up the television and turn it on. But after watching it for a while, I finally turned it off. However, to my surprise, after I had turned off the television, I thought I could still hear voices. I even unplugged the television; but the voices continued. Something about the voices unmanned me and prompted me to want to depart. But reluctant to leave the television behind, I picked it up and began running with it up a small embankment. Still, I could hear the little voices following me.

Once I reached the top of the embankment, I noticed a metal globe of the world about 30 centimeters in diameter sitting on the ground. I turned around and kicked the globe back down the embankment, toward whatever was following me, hoping the globe would strike its target. But suddenly I heard one of the little voices clearly say, "Cross your heart and hope to die and ask the Lord to put you to rest."

I became terrified. I knew if I didn't hurry, something was going to catch me. Bounding to my car, which I had parked nearby, I jumped in, started the car, and began pulling away. But to my deep chagrin, part of the car slipped over an embankment. I was trapped. The car wouldn't move. I didn't know if I would ever be able to leave.

I wondered to myself, if I could escape, would I ever return to this place? I thought if I did return, the next time I might bring Louise with me. Perhaps we could investigate the place together. 

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