Dream of: 08 November 1983 "A Rumble"

As I was walking with several other people along a little path near a body of water, we came to a place where the path had been washed away. We would have to jump across a little gorge to reach the other side.

I could see Duff (with whom I first came in contact in 1964 when we were both in the seventh grade) and Levy (a fellow law student) standing on a path below the one I was on. I hadn't seen Duff in a long time and was surprised to find him here. I thought Levy had probably gone to Columbus and was working there with Duff. I thought they were both intelligent people.

I reached my hand to Duff to shake his hand. He reached his hand toward me; but from our positions we were unable to touch each other. So we just waived at each other with our hands, which were still about a meter apart.

The other people with me were afraid to jump across the little ravine. I thought it looked as if snow was on the ground. I didn't intend to try jumping across the ravine because I was afraid I would slip. Finally, however, I decided to show the others how it was done. I took off running and suddenly I jumped. I thought I was going to miss and land on the bottom. I prepared myself for the impact. But I just kept floating and finally landed on the other side; I was thoroughly surprised when I landed.

I stood here and saw some other people swinging out into the lake from a vine. I thought Duff was going to swing out into the lake and I thought about doing it myself. But I recalled that a stick used to jut up from the middle of the lake and I was afraid I would hit the stick if I swung out into the lake. However, I couldn't see the stick anywhere and thought perhaps someone had removed it.

Some people were swinging far out over the lake and doing somersaults from the vine. I thought Duff was going to do it that way.

Then I noticed some people I knew gathering in a nearby clearing. They were going to have a gang fight. Two sides were gathering. I saw seven or eight fellows, most of whom were black, whose side I wanted to be on.

The place reminded me of the west end of Portsmouth, Ohio.

The fellows were walking back and forth. They would go forward eight or nine steps and then back up eight or nine steps. They did it in rhythm as if they were practicing karate. Their feet were all in time. I likewise began walking back and forth trying to make my steps match theirs. We walked back and forth about a dozen times. I noticed Duff hadn't joined in.

As we moved, we began swinging our fists in karate punches. All of the fellows except one were larger than I.

As I swung my fists, I observed how weak my arms felt. I didn't think I would have much impact when I actually hit someone. I thought how good it would have been if I had been taking karate for a long time. We continued for about five minutes.

Most of the fellows with whom I was practicing were black. A couple of them looked like black fellows I had known in high school. I was impressed by how big and muscular they were.

Suddenly someone about my size walked up and acted as if he were hitting me in the stomach. I realized all the people with whom I had been practicing had sat down. Now the other side was practicing. The other side looked rather vicious.

Suddenly my side jumped up and began fighting the other side. A rumble ensued and it became violent. I tried to find someone my own size to fight, and as I walked through the mass, I hit three or four people.

Chairs had been set up around the field. When the fighting became too rough, some of the people would go over and sit down in the chairs.

The whole arena cleared out except for one fellow who was the largest fellow on our side. He was being severely beaten by a large fellow from the other side. Our fellow had long black hair and a leather jacket. He was rather handsome. He was lying on his back and the other fellow was pounding his face. I thought about trying to help him, but realized the other fellow was so much larger than I, it would be futile. I would be smashed to pieces.

I sat and watched the fellow's face being pounded and pounded. I was afraid he was going to be severely injured; but I did nothing to stop it.

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