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Dream of: 04 November 1983 "Winning The Battle"

My father, my sister and I were in the Gallia County Farmhouse having a gun battle with some people who were gathered near the mailbox at the bottom of the hill in front of the Farmhouse. My father and I both had shotguns, his being a .512 caliber. I had earlier bought shells for both my father and myself.

Carrying my shotgun, I slipped down to the bottom of the hill and shot and killed a man by the mailbox. I then managed to capture one of our adversaries. The man whom I had captured had two sons at the bottom of the hill. They were all extremely angry.

I led my captive back to the front porch, left him there and walked into the Farmhouse for a moment. When I returned to the front porch, the man was sitting in a rocking chair and my sister was sitting on his lap facing him. I decided I was also going to have to shoot him. I pointed the gun at his head and pulled the trigger. But nothing happened the gun didn't discharge.

I opened the gun, looked inside and saw two chambers. Since the bullet was on the opposite chamber from the trigger I had pulled, I switched the bullet to the other chamber. I closed the gun and again pointed it at the man's head. I pulled the trigger and the gun discharged. It made no sound, but I could see a small, round hole in the man's head where the bullet had entered. I thought blood would come out, but it didn't. The man slumped over, obviously dead.

I returned inside and walked into the bedroom on the ground floor. Sensing that we were about to be ferociously attacked, I searched for more shells on the gun case.

I could hear people clamoring at the bottom of the hill. There appeared to be more of them than I had anticipated. I thought, "The only thing important now is to win this battle and live through it."

I asked my father where the .512 shells were. I couldn't find them and I worried we didn't have enough.

When I returned to the porch to ask my sister if she knew where the shells were, I discovered that my sister had walked to the edge of the bank in front of the Farmhouse. Since the men were still standing and talking at the bottom of the hill, I feared they would shoot her. I still thought the important thing was to win the battle, but I also thought, "I've got to save Linda, too."

I ran toward her, grabbed her into my arms and ran back toward the Farmhouse.

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