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Dream of: 27 October 1983 "The Avengers"

I walked into a library; Louise was sitting in a chair by the side of the room. She was reading a book and she hadn't seen me enter.

I wanted to look at some comic books which I knew were on a shelf in the library, but I didn't want Louise to see me reading them. I walked over to where the comics were and began going through them. They were Marvel comics.

I became absorbed in looking at their bright colorful covers and thought I would pick out several to read. I hadn't read comics in such a long time and wanted to see what they were like at present. I picked up a couple copies of "The Avengers" and a copy of "Thor," sat down in a lounge-type chair and began leafing through them.

I could still see Louise, but I held the comic books in front of my face so she couldn't see me. I wanted to keep an eye on her and would occasionally peek at her over top of the comic book.

I was a bit perturbed because she hadn't noticed me. Finally she rose and began to leave. She walked past me but apparently didn't see me. I said something to her and she saw me. She walked around a little counter and sat down next to me.

I was quite angry by now because she hadn't been paying any attention to me. When she sat down, I turned to her and said, "You fucking bitch."

She immediately became upset, rose and began to leave. I said, "Oh, by the way, I'm going to be leaving here soon."

I meant I was simply going to leave her. She was visibly hurt by that. She walked away and I regretted what I had said, but I couldn't take it back. She walked out and I thought, "Well, maybe we'll just be angry tonight and make up tomorrow. Who knows."

A man had walked in and sat down in my chair with me even though other chairs were nearby. I sat with him for a while, but then reached over, pulled up another chair and sat in it.

Meanwhile someone had erected a movie screen in the room and a movie had begun on it.

I began wondering where I would go now. We were on the border of Mexico; perhaps I would go to Nuevo Laredo in Mexico. I could spend the evening across the border. I might go to a bar, but I didn't want to drink anything alcoholic. I didn't want to drink Coke either. Perhaps I could drink a diet Coke. I wondered what the people would think if I began ordering diet Coke in a Mexican bar.

It would be interesting to leave Texas for a while. I also thought about going to New York and practicing law there.

I rose, walked outside and boarded a car driven by Jon. We drove around and I told Jon I was thinking of going to New York to practice law. I said nothing remained in Texas to hold me now.

Jon and I were both having trouble with a motorcycle gang. Finally we saw the gang and began chasing it out into the country. We had some friends in other cars who were also chasing the gang. We drove down a country road and I became so involved in where we were going, I pulled out a pencil and paper and began drawing a map of the area. Jon did the same.

The countryside was quite beautiful and we were surrounded by forest. We reached some members of the gang and Jon tried to push them off the road with his car. He managed to push one off the road, but the others escaped. However, we saw where they went.

We backed up a hill we had just come down. At the top of the hill we encountered one of our friends in a car and told him the motorcycle gang was at the bottom of the hill.

We wanted to find the rest of our friends and began driving toward the tail lights of cars I could see in the distance which I thought were our friends.

Suddenly Jon pulled out a letter he had for me. I thought it was from the State Bar of Texas and would say whether I had passed the Texas bar exam. It was a thin envelope and I thought, "Well, thin envelope means good news. Fat envelope means bad news. This is the kind of thing I would like to show Louise."

But since I wasn't going to see Louise anymore, she wouldn't even be able to celebrate my becoming a lawyer. That made me sad.

I ripped the envelope open, pulled the letter out and began reading it. But it was dark and the print was so tiny I couldn't see it as we moved along.

Finally we came to a little town and I began reading the letter to Jon, "Well, we regret ...."

But the letter hadn't actually said that. I had just said that to kid Jon. We pulled into a lighted area and Jon stopped the car so I could read. The letter turned out to be an advertisement for bread. It also contained a little cardboard card which could be bent and made into a box. It had a picture of a cow on it. The box had little slots on the sides in which the tabs could be stuck to make a diagonally-shaped box. Apparently money could be put in the slots.

We had stopped in front of a store. I looked outside and saw another box identical to mine only much larger. It was about two thirds of a meter tall and also appeared to have a slot into which people could put things. It had some kind of pictures and design on it.

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