Dream of: 26 October 1983 "Seeking Employment"

I went to a mailbox with Louise and pulled out some letters from law firms to which she had sent resumes. Eleven letters were there.

We went to her apartment. I threw five or six letters on the table for her to look at, kept the rest and began going through them. I picked up a knife and used it to open the letters. I first read two rejection letters and then found a letter from Texas Instruments which requested Louise to resubmit her letter to them. They said Louise had improperly quoted some legal cases in the body of her letter. It appeared Louise hadn't carefully reread the cases. But the letter said Texas Instruments was very, very interested in talking with Louise.

Another letter was from Western Savings Association, a Texas savings and loan. It explained a little about the company. It said Louise had written to Western Services rather than Western Savings Association. She therefore needed to write back to the correct people. They were also interested in talking with her.

Two other letters indicated interest in talking with Louise and had enclosed forms for her to fill out. One of them was from Southern Methodist University in Dallas and concerned working on the university's legal staff as a professor.

When I finished, I looked at Louise and asked her what the others said. She said they had all been rejections. She looked despondent. I said, "Well, some of these aren't rejections. You ought to look at them."

I handed them to her and she began looking at them. I showed her one letter first and said, "This one wants you to come and interview."

She brightened up and seemed happy.

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