Dream of: 25 October 1983 "Dead Fish"

After moving to Dallas and beginning working as a lawyer, I began thinking about borrowing some money to start a small construction project to build a six to twenty unit apartment complex.

I went to some kind of convention center in the middle of the day, sat down on some steps and began thinking about the project. Lynn (a Waco lawyer) walked past. I realized I was just sitting here thinking when I should be working; I didn't want him to see me. After he passed I walked up the stairs to the second floor where I didn't think he would see me.

Upstairs many people were standing around in a wide open space. I sat down and images of the apartments I wanted to build formed in my mind. In one image I saw the balconies of the apartments. In another I envisioned circular steps leading up to the apartments. The apartments had three stories and each apartment had a gate around the balcony, but I couldn't make up my mind about the configuration.

I thought if I had six apartments I might live in one rent-free while the others paid themselves off.

After I had thought about it for a while, Louise showed up. She and I boarded a car and headed for Waco. I took what I thought was a short-cut and ended up out in the country. It was quite nice and beautiful where we were. As we drove along I asked Louise if she could see Waco in the distance.

Suddenly the road came to an end in front of a large cemetery. There I saw some ornate statues about four meters tall and I told Louise we should stop and look at them. Many small buildings in the cemetery also made it unique.

We pulled up, stepped from the car and walked into the cemetery. Immediately to our right stood what appeared to be a miniature castle used as some type of mausoleum. A tiny door about 15 centimeters square was on the side of the castle. Its hinges were on the top and it pulled up from the bottom. Louise pulled it open, looked inside and saw some dead fish lying in some water. She immediately shut the door and we walked on.

As we began looking around, it seemed as if we had entered a room with buildings on all sides. We stood back and looked at the building to which Louise had opened the door and realized it was actually a large castle.

A fellow and a girl were standing talking next to me. The girl asked the fellow when he thought the building had been built, but he didn't seem sure. I joined in and said, "Well, it looks like it's from the English Royal Court."

The fellow disagreed and said he thought it was from the district court.

A bust, which was a part of the castle, was sitting on a table behind us. Louise looked at the front of the bust and I looked on the back, where I saw the word "Graf" written. I knew the word meant "duke" in German and since a duke wasn't a king, I concluded the other fellow must be right: the castle wasn't from the royal court, but from a lower, district court.

A stairways nearby led up to a balcony where a man was standing. He began talking about how after World War II many people who wanted to improve their museums had looked for him to acquire things to put in them.

A gigantic crowd of people was waiting on the stairs and the man was going to lead the people through one of the upstairs rooms. I walked up the stairs, reached the door to the room and saw a table with a bunch of old flutes lying on it. I picked up one which looked as if it were over 100 years old and I began playing it. Although I was a bit rusty, I played quite well. Some other people also picked up flutes and began playing them. We played along for a while as we waited in line; I thoroughly enjoyed it. No one seemed to be objecting to my playing.

Finally the crowd moved along and the guide showed the people through the upstairs.

Louise disappeared and I was joined by Jon and Cathy. The three of us wanted to go through the upstairs room, but it was so crowded we couldn't go through before the guide came back out. He came out of the door as I was trying to go in, brushed me aside and went on.

Jon wanted to wait for the next tour and go through, but Cathy didn't. So she and I walked back down the stairs and Jon said he would be inside on the tour for about 15 minutes.

I thought about telling Cathy I was now going to take her out behind one of the building and have intercourse with her. I was unsure, but I thought she would be willing. I thought about picking her up and carrying her out back.

We stood there a minute, but before we could do anything, Jon walked back down and we all decided to leave and go home. The three of us walked away and headed down a road until we came to an intersection where we encountered a red wagon which appeared to be a fire wagon. It was about three by seven meters and had a lot of stuff on it. I didn't know what it was doing here.

Some people were standing nearby trying to decide what to do with it. A couple of them were talking about simply taking the stuff from the wagon for themselves; one person took something off the wagon. Another person picked up a little, pink overnight bag with some stuff in it and said he was going to take it for himself. The people talked about what they were going to do until I finally said, "Well, you're all just thieves if you take that stuff. Nothing but common thieves."

A woman standing nearby agreed with what I had said.

I walked away and Cathy, Jon and I continued down the street until we finally reached Jon's and Cathy's house and went inside.

My feet were rather muddy and I noticed I had been tracking mud around.

I went out to the back porch and saw that someone had washed it. A wheelchair was sitting here. Cathy walked up beside me and referring to her and the wheel chair, I said, "Well, we'll put this little old woman in this wheelchair and take her for a ride."

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