Dream of: 21 October 1983 "Jealous"

I was at the Baylor Law School, reading a copy of the Baylor newspaper, the Lariat. About 10 men had put some special ads in the paper about women whom they loved. The ads covered from a quarter to a half of a page. Hernandez (a law student) and another law student I knew whose name was Robert had put ads in the paper for a woman named Mrs. Louise Reed. In my mind I could see both Robert and Hernandez dressed in black suits.

Both my girlfriend Louise's and Hernandez's names were written in longhand in Hernandez's ad, which also contained a picture. The names were difficult to read.

I knew that Louise had once been married to a fellow named Reed and that Reed had been her married name. In a way I was flattered that Hernandez and Robert were in love with Louise. They had both obviously gone to much expense to put ads in the paper. I tried to restrain myself from becoming angry.

I was supposed to meet Louise in front of the law school and when I walked out front, I found her standing there. We talked for a minute. I hadn't intended to mention the ads, but suddenly I exploded and asked if she had seen the newspaper and the ads in it. She answered, "Yes."

I asked, "Did you see how many times your name appeared?"

She answered, "Yes."

I could tell she was flattered, but I still didn't think she cared for either of the two men. However, the whole idea of her having been married and leading them on perturbed me.

I began to become angry and she seemed to try to downplay it. I said she should be really happy she had been able to lead those guys on so she now knew they were really in love with her.

We were preparing to go to my grandmother's house and began walking down the street. I knew if I became too angry, Louise would try to back out and not go with me.

She said she hadn't known she had been leading them on. I said, "Well, you certainly didn't act that way when you were dancing with them at that party. You were just going wild with them at that party dancing."

She said I wouldn't dance with her. She protested further that she hadn't had anything to do with them and that I was just very jealous.

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