Dream of: 20 October 1983 "Water Falls"

As Louise and I were driving east on Route 23 near South Shore, Kentucky, I saw a boat rental company on the right side of the road with several boats and cars parked in the lot. A sign said boats rented for around $169. I pulled onto the lot and parked. Louise and I stepped out of the car and entered a building which looked like a country store.

I found a man standing behind a counter and began negotiating with him for a boat. One boat in the lot resembling a Mustang car had snared my eye. I told the man I wanted that one and he wrote up the bill. I also asked for several other items from the store and he put them on the bill. The total was over $300. I paid him, but then reflected that the bill shouldn't have been so high.

I asked the man about the bill. He began explaining it to me and handed me back my money. Louise went outside.

I asked him to write down how much each item had cost. He wrote down a list and I looked it over. I saw an extra charge for $100 for his fee.

I walked outside and began to board our car, but then remembered I had left my glasses inside. I went back in, found them on the counter, took them and left.

Louise and I boarded our car and pulled out. We were on our way to a water falls; I told Louise we would rent a boat when we reached the falls. I told her many Niagara Falls-type boats would be there.

As we drove we passed Schultz Hollow on our right. I told Louise my father had grown up there. She expressed an interest and said she would like to drive down it. I told her we would some other time.

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