Dream of: 10 October 1983 "Knife Attack"

Louise and I were sitting in a car parked inside a garage. I was sitting on the driver's side in the front seat and Louise sat on my right. A couple fellows outside seemed to be doing something to the tires of the car. One of them seemed to be jacking up the front of the car and seemed to be trying to steal the tires.

I told Louise we should jump out of the car and run out of the garage. Then she should run to the right and go down the street. I thought a police station was in that direction.

We opened the car door and jumped out. Louise ran out of the garage and down the street, while I remained inside a moment; then I also ran outside. One fellow, who had a knife, followed us and said, "You shouldn't have done that."

I was frightened because I knew he was going to try to catch Louise and stab her with the knife. I could probably stop him from catching Louise, but I was afraid. He ran toward Louise and I thought, "I've got to stop him right now or he's going to catch her."

I knew he would probably stab me, but I had decided I would do everything in my power to prevent his catching her.

As he ran toward her, I made a quick move and tackled him. He fell to the ground flat in front of me. I saw Louise continue running and knew she would be safe.

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