Dream of: 08 October 1983 "Scummy Water"

I had gone to Paris, France and had begun working in a law office. I was learning French quite well and I anticipated living well here.

On my day off I wanted to look at the Eifel Tower. I knew the Eiffel Tower was out in the bay. It reminded me of the Statue of Liberty in New York. I looked on a map trying to find my way there.

I headed toward the bay and arrived in an area of town near the bay. I was surrounded by splendid and magnificent buildings. I admired how gorgeously the buildings rose into the sky.

As I walked, I encountered Randle (a former fellow law student) on a pier near the water and we began talking. He said he lived in Paris and had plenty of girlfriends. I wondered if he could fix me up with one. I asked if a girl were with him at present. He said yes, and an attractive girl walked up. The three of us talked.

We walked along the edge of the water looking at things. Piles of rock led from the water to where we stood. We came to a large round object. I finally realized it was an old cannon. The girl talked about how people had attacked the place in the olden days and how the place had been defended with the cannons.

I looked more closely at the water and saw it was filthy and resembled sewage. It was quite scummy-looking. We walked closer to the water and suddenly I realized we were too close. The drop to the water was about ten meters.

Suddenly I tumbled backward toward the water. The other two grabbed me and all three of us fell toward the water. Fortunately, we landed on the edge of the bank on a little platform. I was very happy we had landed safely. I stood up.

Suddenly the platform began sinking. We sank up to our necks in the scum. We all grabbed onto the bank. I tried to lift myself out, but was unsuccessful. I slipped completely under the water.

I reached out, felt someone's head under the water and realized a body was there. I pushed it away from me toward Randle and the girl.

When I resurfaced, Randle and the girl called out that the body had touched them. I didn't know whether the girl could swim and I feared she would grab me and drag me under. 

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