Dream of: 29 September 1983 "Delicious Fruit"

I was in a room on the upstairs floor of a building near the railroad tracks on the east end of Portsmouth. A woman brought some fruit and other food to me and I began eating an orange. A large piece of some other kind of fruit was in the orange and the entire thing was quite tasty. I ate it in sections with a spoon as I would eat grapefruit; it was absolutely delicious. The woman sat nearby while I ate; I commented to her how good the orange was.

The woman and I talked about a nearby pharmacy where we both apparently worked.

I finished eating and walked downstairs, where I encountered Louise. We began talking about the pharmacy, which I apparently partially owned. Someone had been making offers to other people around town to buy it and Louise asked me if anyone had made me an offer. I said, "Well, probably, I guess, because they talked to the woman and she's the one who actually owns the store. If they wanted to buy the store, they would talk to her."

Louise and I hadn't seen each other for a long time. She acted as if I were the one who wanted to see her. But it was actually she who had come to see me.

We left and began walking down the street. Suddenly I turned to her and said, "Well, no. I don't think it's good that we see each other. I'm just going to go on alone."

She turned around, began walking toward her car, which was parked on the other side of the street, and then turned a corner. I really did want to see her and thought, "Well, maybe she'll come back after me."

I walked on for three or four minutes and suddenly thought, "No, I'm going to go back."

I couldn't see her. I ran back around the corner and thought, "Oh no. She's already gone."

I looked up Gallia Street and saw her car backing out onto the street. Her door was on my side and was open. I ran toward her as fast as I could. She saw me coming and said, "No Steve. I don't have any time. I've got to go. I don't want to see you anymore."

I didn't listen to her and jumped behind her back onto the passenger side of the front seat. I sat there determined not to leave. I was going to see her no matter what. She was angry and (because I had shunned her) she didn't want to see me, even though she had wanted to see me a few minutes earlier.

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