Dream of: 28 September 1983 (2) "Shooting Down Spaceships"

I was near Patriot, Ohio where I was planning to stay awhile. While driving along a road, I passed by the house of my old friend Altizer, turned around and went back. I parked and walked into the front room of Altizer's house. A short, thin girl with short brunette hair was sitting on the couch. She didn't say anything and I walked past her into Altizer's bedroom, but he wasn't there. When I walked back to the front door and met Altizer coming in, I said, "Hi."

Altizer (around 30 years old) seemed happy to see me. He looked just like I remembered him except he was much thinner than he used to be. I told him I had been in the neighborhood and had driven by. I hadn't planned to stop, but I had turned around and come back because I wanted to see him.

We sat down and talked. He told me the girl on the couch was his sister-in-law and she lived there with his brother. I walked over and introduced myself. Another fellow who wasn't her husband was sitting with her.

I learned she had four little boys who ranged in age from about one year to three years old. Two were sitting on her lap. I looked at them. They were wearing white shorts. I pointed to them and said they looked as if they were twins. She said they weren't and I said, "Oh yea, I see that one is younger than the other one."

For a moment, I though they slightly resembled my brother Adolph and me when we had been little boys.

We talked a little longer about how she had her hands full taking care of the children. The two boys got up and began running around on the floor almost like little dogs. I mentioned to Altizer it must be difficult to concentrate sometimes with the boys there. He said, "They're just like a little dog who runs down around your ankles."

Altizer said he wanted to show me something and we walked into his room. After sitting down on his bed, I asked him what he did now and he replied that he went to high school football games. He only lived less than two kilometers from the football stadium. He said he used to go and not watch them, but now he had become very active in watching them. He said he watched every play and would stand up and analyze everything which went on. He said there was going to be a game in a couple weeks.

I wanted to ask him if he had been dating anyone and what had happened to Redith (a fourth and fifth grade schoolmate).

He said he wanted to show me a banana issue of Playboy magazine. He began digging into a box. I really didn't care to see it. I feared if I looked at it I would become slightly aroused. I thought probably his intention was for both of us to masturbate. I was beginning to have suspicions about Altizer being homosexual. I thought he might want to perform fellatio on me and I was disgusted by the idea.

Finally he brought out a video game machine and put something in it. It reminded me of an older model video game which hadn't been around for a while. I couldn't exactly remember its name. Apparently it was going to show something to do with Playboy on it.

He sat down and began playing it. It had a seat on it and peddles to be operated by the feet. On the screen, spaceships could be shot out of the air by pressing buttons.

We switched places and I began playing. I had a shooter at the bottom of the screen and from the top of the screen a swarm of spaceships would descend. I pressed the button and began shooting the spaceships out of the air. I did well.

Suddenly the picture cleared up and a picture of a woman appeared on the screen. The screen was clear like a clear television screen. She was wearing a top with red and white horizontal stripes and shorts. She had large breasts and was quite attractive. She was dancing on the screen.

I lost my attention for a moment and when it returned, a man was dancing on the screen. He was a young, muscular, good-looking man and was only wearing a pair of shorts through which his penis was clearly bulging. It was becoming obvious he was going to take off his shorts.

I rose, walked over and sat next to Altizer. I told him that I was going to have to leave and that I didn't think I would be coming back anymore to see him. He was obviously upset. I said, "Are you gay?"

Suddenly the fellow who had been on the screen materialized in the room right over top of the screen. He was still wearing the same shorts.

Altizer said he was gay and he obviously felt terrible about it. I said, "When did you realize it?"

He said he was just now realizing it. I said, "Well, I'm not, not even in the slightest."

I was unsure whether Altizer had actually ever had a homosexual relationship with anyone, but I didn't ask him. The other fellow put his hand on my shoulder. Altizer also wanted to touch me. He seemed so effeminate in his actions, it was repulsive to me. I didn't want him to touch me and brushed him off. It didn't bother me if a man touched me, but not in that way. I asked him if his family and parents knew. He said they didn't. I responded, "Well, they must have some kind of idea."

We continued talking for a while. I told him it didn't bother me if he was gay as long as he didn't try to have anything to do with me. I told him that I knew some people who were gay and that I might even be able to introduce him to them. I thought specifically of Mark Upton. Altizer seemed to be becoming progressively more distraught. Obviously he hadn't wanted to admit he was gay until I had put him on the spot by asking. I felt sorry for him and I told him I would continue seeing and talking with him. I thought he needed someone.

I prepared to leave. I reached for my billfold but couldn't find it. Then I saw it lying on the table with some change and picked it up. I walked back into the front room and out the front door. I wondered if everyone in the house would think I was gay simply because I had been in there talking with Altizer.

But then I turned around and came back into the house. Altizer's mother was sitting in the front room. She was wearing a dress which fell down around her knees. She was a little overweight. I walked back into the bedroom and she walked, without saying anything, back into another room in the house. Altizer had gone into the next room and fallen asleep.

I realized then I had dreamed the entire episode. I thought I had fallen asleep for a few minutes while I had been there and quickly dreamed the whole thing. Apparently I had just awakened. I wanted to write down what had happened. I found a typewriter and dug up a piece of white tissue paper. I decided to type the dream onto the tissue paper, sat down and began typing.

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