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Dream of: 27 September 1983 "Vietnam Prison"

While a girl and I were at the house of McGuiness (a Waco acquaintance, several years my junior, whom I met at the Waco Law Office in 1983), I watched television while McGuiness cleaned up the house. When McGuiness asked me if I wanted to smoke some marijuana, I told him I didn't. He continued cleaning and said he might have more marijuana around there somewhere.

The show on television was about a fellow who had been smoking marijuana and had gone insane.

Finally McGuiness brought out a large pipe, the bowl of which was six or seven centimeters in diameter. Then he brought out a baggie of marijuana. I had smoked with him before and I recognized the marijuana as what we had smoked the last time. I said, "Oh, that's the real good stuff."

But then I realized it wasn't the same marijuana we had smoked the last time and I said, "Well, that's not quite as good."

The girl also said something about the marijuana.

We sat for quite a long while as I held the baggie in my hand. Upon closer scrutiny I saw the substance in the baggie looked like a white powder. The baggie had a little hole in the bottom. I held the baggie over the pipe which McGuiness was holding and I allowed some of the powder to fall from the baggie and into the pipe. I decided I was going to smoke and began smoking.

The person on the television began talking about how he had smoked marijuana in Viet Nam. He had been captured in Vietnam and held in prison. Apparently he had smoked a great deal of marijuana while there. He said he had also once been incarcerated in Mexico for smoking marijuana. The authorities had wanted him to pay $300,000 before he could be released from the Mexican jail, but in Viet Nam he couldn't get out for any amount of money. Finally he had snapped out of it and quit smoking marijuana.

I inhaled the marijuana about three times and then stopped. I knew I had made a mistake by smoking marijuana, especially since I hadn't smoked in such a long time.

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