Dream of: 26 September 1983 (3) "Black Corvette"

I was walking through the halls of the Baylor Law School, which seemed more like a high school. I was wearing cut-off blue jeans; were shorts allowed here? I noticed some other people wearing shorts.

I walked into a room, sat down near a girl sitting at a desk and began talking with her. She worked for a high school newspaper and I had a story I wanted to tell her. I talked with her for awhile and then left.

I went toward the back door of the law school where I saw my girlfriend Louise and another girl walking toward me. Louise was wearing a black suit. They walked past me without saying anything and went out the back door. I walked up the back stairs to a point where I could see out a window. Louise was in the back parking lot standing beside a black Corvette and looking inside it. I could see the car had a red interior; had she bought the car? I watched her a few minutes and then turned away.

When I turned back, she was looking at a blue Mustang and Petty (a female law student) was with her. Apparently the Mustang belonged to Louise, because she got into it on the driver's side.

I wanted to tell Louise I wanted to go to Houston and I was willing to spend the rest of my life there if she would only be with me.

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