Dream of: 26 September 1983 "Squashed Banana"

Louise and I were in a house which had a little pizza shop in it and we ordered a pizza with mushrooms, olives and other toppings. The pizza was brought into the room where we were sitting and we ate it. We decided to order another one and walked into the room where the pizza counter was. Louise stepped up to the counter and ordered. I walked up to her and asked if she had ordered one for herself. She had a check in her hand with which she intended to pay. I said, "Well, I'm going to order me one, too."

I ordered a pizza for myself; I told the girl behind the counter I wanted olives, mushrooms and other toppings. Louise suggested I get double cheese, so I ordered that, also.

We both returned to the next room, but then Louise left. The girl running the pizza shop came and sat down to my right. She was short, had black hair and was wearing a short dress and white hose. When she sat next to me, she spread her legs apart so I could see up her dress to her crotch.

I knew Louise suspected I had been having an affair with the girl because Louise had complained to me about it.

I reached over, put my arms around the girl and began kissing her. I stuck my hand between her legs and began massaging her pubic region. But I quickly stopped and jumped up. The girl left.

After a short while Louise returned. We waited and waited for our pizza, but it didn't come. Finally I walked back to the kitchen, but no one was there. After going to the oven and seeing our pizza inside with some other stuff, I walked into the hall and hollered, "Pizzas done! Pizzas done!"

A man walked up and I told him I thought the pizza was done. He pulled it out. It was in a square pan. Some dough was on the bottom of the pan and some sauce had been thrown on top of the dough. On top of the sauce were several tiny fish, each about a centimeter long. In the middle of the pan was a brown, squashed banana still in the peel. I looked at the mess in disgust; I wasn't about to eat it.

Apparently the girl had thrown it together and then left. I told the man that wasn't what I had ordered. Louise walked into the room and I pointed it out to her.

The man was going to throw it out, but I continued looking at it and thought it appeared rather abstract. I thought I could cut out the middle of the pizza where the banana was, place a picture there and make an abstract work of art out of it.

Louise and I returned to the next room; I began to think that when Louise had left, she had gone to meet some fellow. I imagined he had had his hand in Louise's pants; the thought bothered and sickened me. I was sure it had happened. I thought, "Well, is that the way it's going to be? Some guy is going to have his hand in her pants and I'll have my hand in some other girl's pants. That not the kind of relationship I want to have."

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