Dream of: 25 September 1983 (2) "Volley Ball Game"

Louise and I were in a gym with a group of people watching a television program. Two volley ball nets were in the gym, one in front of the television and the other on the far side of the gym. I decided I wanted to play volleyball and asked another couple if they wanted to play. They said they did and we chose the net near the television. The man went with Louise to the other side and the woman stayed with me on my side.

After we had practiced hitting the ball back and forth for awhile, I realized the woman with me was Julie (a law student) and the man with Louise was Jon. I served some balls, and the other team served some. I asked Julie if she wanted to serve and she did. She did a good job. Every time Julie served the ball, it was hit back to me, but I couldn't hit it back over the net. Either I would miss the ball completely or hit it into the net or short of the net.

I noticed Louise, with one arm, was holding Jon upside down in the air. It was quite an acrobatic feat; I was impressed. I felt slightly irritated, however,  that they were so close together. When Jon was lowered back down to the ground onto his feet, I asked, "Jon, how did you do that?"

He acted persnickety and said, "Well, the first thing I did was pull Louise close to me like this."

He then pulled Louise up to him and acted as if he were kissing her. Their mouths touched, but they didn't actually kiss. His action made me angry and I said, "Well, just fuck you."

I went behind some nearby tall stage curtains. I decided I didn't want to play volleyball with them even though they were ready to begin the game.

A piano was behind the curtains; perhaps I would try to play it for awhile.

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