Dream of: 25 September 1983 "Visiting The Cemetery"

I was talking with someone about a passage I had read in the Bible where Jesus had said it was all right to kill animals. I clearly disagreed with that idea. It was one of several places where I disagreed with the Bible. I also disagreed with Jesus apparently eating fish.

I climbed onto a bicycle and began riding on a road on the outskirts of Patriot, Ohio. I planned to ride around for awhile.

I reached the top of a small hill. I was going to go down the other side, but I could see it was quite far to the bottom. I put on my brakes. As I held onto the handlebars, the back wheel flipped out from under me so I was left holding the handlebars with the front wheel up in the air and the bicycle resting on the rear wheel.

I saw a cemetery nearby and a car coming out of it. Inside the car were my great-aunt Dorothy and my great-aunt Goldie. They drove onto the road and went down the hill which I had not gone down.

I turned into the cemetery and walked around pushing my bicycle beside me. I saw a couple of other men.

When I realized my brother Chris and my brother Adolph were buried in the cemetery, I choked up emotionally. I thought while I was there I would visit their graves and also my grandfather Liston's  grave. I had not seen my grandfather's grave for awhile.

I walked past a grave with many candles around it. The candles were new and had never been lit. Several other graves also had candles around them. It was amazing that children did not take the candles. I personally had no inclination to take the candles, but I thought someone else might.

Tears began forming in my eyes. I knew approximately where one of my brothers' graves was. I knew his picture was on the front of the tombstone. I wanted to see it and I walked in the direction of the grave. A man continued to walk near me.

The tears welled up more.

A small piece of the cemetery had been plowed up as if for a garden. The land was quite dark there.

When I found Adolph's tombstone, I became emotionally overcome, broke down and began sobbing.

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