Dream of: 21 September 1983 "Cantaloupe Seeds"

A girl and I were walking around on a college campus which reminded me of The Ohio State University. We came to a place where a field had been plowed up. A path had been beaten across it. The path was uneven and unleveled because of the plowing. I told the girl she would have to take part of the responsibility for beating the field down if we walked across it. We walked across it.

We walked on and came to a place where some people were gathered. I sat down and a big fellow sat down to my left. The girl sat on the other side of him.

The fellow was a friend of mine. He had been to my Cabin and talked about how he loved being on the Gallia County Farm. I asked him if he liked the Cabin and he said, " Yes."

I was thinking about returning to the Cabin myself for a while.

We learned everyone here was going to eat some psilocybin mushrooms. A man was passing out the mushrooms. Many people were waiting for him to pass them out. I looked around, found a couple small pieces of mushrooms lying nearby and stuck them in my mouth.

The man came close to me. I saw he had a large white mushroom in his hand. He gave me a piece and then the girl. He went on down the line and returned with a container of cantaloupe seeds. I opened my mouth and he slowly began pouring them in. I wanted him to fill my mouth and didn't stop to swallow or chew them as they went in.

Finally I stopped and began chewing. Someone said to me, "You didn't chew all that time?"

Everyone seemed upset because I had waited so long before I had begun to chew.

The seeds were also hallucinogenic. I began to feel the effects. The things around me began to look pleasant. The guy went away with his little container and then returned.

I asked the guy next to me if I could have his place because I wanted to sit next to the girl. He stood and I sat next to the girl. Her name was Cathy. I put my left arm around her, held her close and said, "Cathy if you ever leave me, I just don't know what I would do."

I was wildly in love with her and could tell she loved me too. I felt as if I could depend on her; I didn't know what would happen to me if she left me.

I wanted to marry her. I wanted to whisper in her ear that there was no longer any point in waiting and we should go ahead and marry.

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