Dream of: 20 September 1983 "Bear On A Cruise Ship"

I was at what appeared to be a sophisticated party in a large room. Mansell (a legal client) was the most important person in the room. As I stood there, my boss came over and borrowed about $50 or $60 from me. Then someone stood up and left the room.

Mansell said he had wanted to give the man $100 before he had left and he wished he had had it. He looked around to see if anyone had $100. I thought I might have it and I pulled out my billfold. I had had a $100 bill in my billfold earlier, but I had taken it out. I looked in my billfold and saw four, crisp, brand new $20 bills stuck together. I told Mansell that I didn't have $100, but that I could lend him $80. He said, "Well, just give me fifty."

After I gave him two twenties and a ten, he walked off and began mingling with the other people. Realizing I had now loaned money to two people, I wondered if lending the money had been wise. The two borrowers might just forget I had loaned them the money. I thought it wouldn't matter, and I would get it back. If they didn't pay me back, I would just take something from work which was worth that much.

I talked with a woman about plants growing on the tops of buildings. I asked her if she thought it would be a good idea if vines were planted on the tops of tall buildings so they could grow down from the top. She said that would somehow affect the water in the soil at the bottom of the buildings and wouldn't be allowed.


I looked around and realized I was actually in a large, packed auditorium with a stage at the front. People began sitting down and I also sat down. My mother took a seat nearby. I waited for the performance to begin.

Just as something began to happen on stage, I suddenly heard a loud noise behind me at the back of the auditorium. I looked toward the darkened rear of the auditorium and thought I saw a large animal. Although I could only see silhouettes, I realized the animal was a large grizzly bear inside a cage. It looked just like the stuffed grizzly bear in the entrance of the Moody Library at Baylor University.

It was making a loud noise and moving around, but I was unafraid because it was inside the cage. Suddenly it reached out through the bars, grabbed a man and began clawing him. The silhouettes of the enormous bear clawing the man to death formed a grizzly sight. Suddenly the bear managed to wedge through the bars, stood for a moment outside the cage and then began running amuck through the crowd.

People screamed, the whole place became chaotic and I became frightened. My mother also became frightened and she ran outside the auditorium. I remained in the auditorium, but I could still see her. Suddenly I realized that we were on a large luxury ship and that my mother was now standing outside on the deck of the ship. I feared she would jump off the boat. Suddenly the bear ran out onto the deck where my mother was. When the bear ran past her and stopped, I thought the bear was going to grab her. My mother (close to the edge of the deck) became entangled in the rope railing on the side of the deck.

When the bear ran back into the auditorium, I ran outside, grabbed my mother, and told her we were going to go upstairs. We ascended to the second deck of the ship and found another auditorium with people watching something on a stage. It was obvious that people in there were also beginning to become stirred up. Someone asked me what was going on and I said, "The bear is loose."

I said it loud enough so many people heard me. It obviously stirred them up. People began rising and leaving. I thought perhaps my mother and I could go down into the middle of the auditorium and sit where we would be surrounded by people and protected.

Then I realized the ship had three decks and I suggested we go on up to the third floor. I said if we heard the bear was on third floor, we could descend to the first floor, and if the bear was on the first floor, we could go back up to the third floor. I said, "That way we'll stay as far away from it as we can."

I wondered what we would do if the bear was on the second floor. I thought, "Well, we'll just have to try and find a safe place on one of the other two floors to hide, preferably in the middle of a bunch of people."


When Oedipus visited the temple at Delphi, he was told by the oracle of Apollo that he would kill his father and marry his mother. So he was given ample warning of the coming deeds. Similarly I have also often been given "warnings" in my dreams.

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