Dream of: 18 September 1983 "Catalogs"

I was in Portsmouth, Ohio, talking with my father. He had bought a cable television company which had franchises in some cities around Portsmouth (where the main office was located) and he was in the process of hiring managers for the franchise offices. He showed me the lease of the Portsmouth office and he said the lease had a clause which required the prior owner of the cable company to pay money for the lease if he stayed in Portsmouth. So he had decided to move the headquarters to Chillicothe.

My father wanted me to stay in Ohio and manage the main office. The main office manager wasn't paid as much as the people who were in charge of the other franchises, but he had more authority. I thought about doing it.

I was supposed to do something for my father and went out driving around. I drove about 15 kilometers north of Portsmouth around Lucasville. I was east of Route 23 and was headed toward 23, but I thought it was called Route 52. I looked for a road sign which said Route 52 so I could turn north on it and head toward Chillicothe. I didn't see any at first, but finally I came down to the road.

I turned right on the road and headed north. I wondered whether I should go to Chillicothe. My father had told me earlier he wanted to look for a new headquarters in Chillicothe; he hadn't explicitly told me to go, but I thought I would just go ahead and look for a place myself.

As I drove along, I thought about the type of place I would be looking for, and what I would tell people. I would tell them I was going to be the headquarters manager and was also going to be a lawyer. I might even do some private legal practice in Chillicothe.

I didn't want to stay in Chillicothe. I wanted to leave the country; but I thought staying here a while had merit. I could work, save some money and then leave the country.

I didn't know anyone in Chillicothe except Mike Walls, who I thought lived there. I might be able to visit him.

I thought about the terrible odor exuded by the paper mill in Chillicothe, but I would become accustomed to that.

I looked at a map; a large coliseum was in the northern part of the town. I didn't remember having seen the coliseum before. I might like to walk around the coliseum to get a better feel of the town.

On the map I could see a section of buildings in the downtown.

Looking up, I realized I was actually headed back toward Portsmouth. I was being paid 20 cents a mile for making the trips. I had made about five trips; I tired to figure out how much money I should be collecting for each trip to add to my bill to my father.

After driving into Portsmouth, I walked into a house, climbed upstairs and went to sleep in the bedroom. I awoke and felt aroused. I thought about masturbating. I thought my sister had some catalogs stored there; I could look at the women in the lingerie section.

I then realized I was at the 29th Street House. I thought my mother had some Spiegel catalogs there which I could perhaps find and look at. I hadn't masturbated in quite awhile and really didn't want to.

I rose, looked into the next room and saw my mother lying on a couch. She had awakened at the same time. She was only wearing a pair of green panties. She put her hands over her breasts. I was wearing a pair of white shorts, but they were pulled down past my penis. And I also had an erection. I began pulling my shorts up over my penis. I stood so that my mother could clearly see me. After I pulled up my shorts, it was still obvious that I had an erection.

I walked into where my mother was lying and lay down beside her on the couch. She didn't say anything. I reached my left hand around so that it was holding her right breast. I scooted down so I was able to bite the nipple of her left breast. She didn't stop me. She softly moaned. I thought about sticking my hand down her panties.

I stopped everything because I felt as if I was going to ejaculate and didn't want to. But suddenly I felt sperm trickling from my penis.

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