Dream of: 16 September 1983 "All-Night Movie"

Buckner, Louise, another girl and I wanted to go to a movie in Waco. We looked through the papers, but couldn't find anything.

After the four of us had boarded a car which Buckner was driving, we rode around and passed some movie theaters. We passed one which we hadn't seen advertised in the paper. The word "Freedom" appeared in the title of the movie; it looked excellent.

We immediately turned around and went back to the theater. After we had pulled into the crowded parking lot and found a place to park, we all climbed out and walked up to the door of the theater.

The theater had two separate sections; a different movie was playing in each section. Buckner walked up to a window and started to buy tickets to a comedy, but I said, "No, that's not the right one. It's the other one over here, the one about the freedom."

We all four walked over to the other window. When we had driven past, I had noticed the movie was going to cost six dollars apiece. That seemed expensive to me and I really didn't want to pay six dollars, but the others wanted to go.

A sign said something about season tickets; I wondered how much they would cost. Since five times six was thirty dollars, I concluded a season ticket would cost less than thirty dollars for six passes. Could a person with a season ticket only use it himself or could he pass out the tickets to anyone?

After we had paid for our tickets and walked inside, we became separated. I walked over to a little hallway where a television was playing. I lay down on my back, put my head on some pillows and began watching a black and white movie on the television. The movie seemed to be fairly old. I saw some cars in it and tried to discern from them how old the movie was. It seemed to be from the fifties.

About ten lines of dialogue were written across the top of the screen. I read the words as the people talked. It was rather distracting. Finally I stopped reading and only listened. But I thought it was a good way to teach people English.

My feet were up against a glass door which opened by means of a metal cross bar; I pushed the door open slightly with my feet. Some children (7-8 years old) were standing outside. One small boy looked as if he were about 10 years old. I realized they wanted to sneak inside and thought about whether I would say anything if I saw them sneaking in. I was basically an accessory since the door would have probably been locked if I hadn't pushed it open. But they were probably just poor children who wanted to see the movie and I decided not to say anything.

After they had gathered courage, about four of them came in on one side of me and looked down the hall. One hollered out someone's name. Apparently they had a friend inside; but no one answered and they all rushed back outside.

I was lying so they would have to step over me to turn down the little hall which led into the movie room. I moved to the side so if they returned they wouldn't have to step over me.

I continued watching the show until finally four children came in again and went past me into where the hall made a sharp turn. A woman walked up, but she didn't say anything, and the children walked on down the hall. Then others began following and a stream of six and seven year old boys and girls flowed in. I began counting them as they passed and when I reached the thirties, they were still coming.

When a five minute intermission came on the movie, I stood and decided to look for Louise, Buckner and the other girl. I walked into the main part of the theater, looked around, but couldn't see them anywhere.

The four of us had been living together and I had been having sex with both Louise and the other girl. I liked both of them. They were soft and enjoyable. They weren't jealous of each other we lived together harmoniously. What people would think if I put my arms around them both at the same time? I was unsure how it would look in public.

Cosby (a law student) walked past carrying a bottle of pop. Then Proctor (a law student) walked up to me and said, "Have you been here all night?"

I didn't understand what he had said at first; he repeated the question and I answered, "No."

I looked down at the black shirt I was wearing; it had small pieces of white lint on it. My hair felt scruffy and I thought I probably looked scruffy, as if I had been staying here all night.

He walked away and I suddenly realized why the pillows and so many people were here. The movie theater was open all night. People paid six dollars just so the could come in and spend the night there.

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