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Dream of: 15 September 1983 (2) "Animal Disease"

I walked into a classroom where a child was telling some people about a fairly deadly animal disease, apparently trichinosis. The people had discovered some animals with the disease, had thrown some of them into a river and left them there.

I was under the impression if I were to wear a sheet around me the way Mahatma Gahndi had, I would be protected from the disease. I left the classroom, found a sheet with blue stripes on it and went to a restroom to put it on. I was nude except for the sheet. I tried to put it on, but I couldn't seem to do it correctly. My penis kept sticking out and I feared my butt was also exposed. I realized I had the wrong type of sheet.

I saw a man there whom at first I thought was Mahatma Gahndi. But then I saw he was actually an African. I asked him to help me and he said he would be glad to. I showed him what I had and I realized it wasn't a sheet at all, but a red tee shirt.

I realized I needed a pure white sheet. I knew a big dormitory was nearby with many beds with bedspreads and white sheets underneath. I thought I could perhaps pull one of the white sheets out from underneath a bedspread. I went there, found a white sheet and returned to the African. He wrapped it around me correctly. It felt good.

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