Dream of: 15 September 1983 "Goat In A Glass Box"

After I had met my father and boarded his car, he pulled into a place which looked like a McDonald's restaurant. As he steered around a curve, we saw a gigantic animal which looked like a large raccoon lying on the ground. We pulled on around to the take-out window, near which were lying several more raccoons. The raccoons were lined up so we couldn't even pull up to the window.

I hollered out to the woman inside and told her I wanted several things including a couple fish sandwiches.

Overtop the take-out window was a large glass box which contained white stuff used for topping on food. Upon closer scrutiny I also noticed a goat inside the glass box. I wanted some of the white topping on something I was buying, but obviously the goat was getting mixed up with the topping. As the woman prepared to scoop the topping out of the glass box and put the topping on the food which she was going to give me, I told her I didn't want the topping since the goat was in it I thought the topping would have hairs on it. I told her she needed to take the goat out and make up a new batch for me.

We drove away and went to a restaurant in Portsmouth across the street from where my father had his real estate office between 1963 and 1967 and we began eating. After a while, my sister joined us. I quickly learned that my sister hadn't been living with my father and that she had begun dating some fellows. My father was trying to prevent her dating certain people and was trying to require her to obtain his permission before she went out. My sister (rebelling against that idea) said she was going to date whomever she wanted. When my father told her to ask me what I thought about it, I told her she should do what my father told her to do. I told her she wouldn't be able to work for him if she didn't do what he told her.

I noticed my sister wasn't wearing a top and I tapped her on the back.

My father was a lawyer. He said he was handling auto cases and was charging 50 percent. When I told him most lawyers charged a third, he said he had recently turned down a case because it only paid a third. He said that he was charging 50 % and that he wasn't planning to lower his rate because he was satisfied with what he was charging. I thought his rate was exorbitant, but apparently he was getting away with it.

He talked about getting cases and he said he might even get a big muscular dystrophy case. He said much money could be made from those cases. He wanted me to stay in Portsmouth with him and help him practice law there.

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