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Dream of: 14 September 1983 "Women On Horses"

As I looked through a magazine containing pictures of pigs, I thought I was dreaming and I wanted to manipulate the dream to turn the pigs into women or create a picture of a woman taking care of some pigs. As I flipped through the pages, the pigs seemed to become more feminine and increasingly sexier looking.

Finally I saw some pictures of women on horses interspersed among the pictures of pigs. Then I saw a picture of a man and woman riding along on a horse. The woman was nude from the waist up and her breasts were visible.

I saw more pictures of nude women and I began enjoying the book even more, but I began to think if I continued to look at the pictures, I would become aroused and want to masturbate. I didn't want to do that. I knew it had been quite awhile since I had masturbated and I didn't want to spoil it now by masturbating.

I picked up a telephone receiver and began talking with Mrs. Whitworth (an elderly legal client) and Vaughn on a three way extension. I knew I was dreaming and I began telling them about my dream. The longer I talked, the more certain I became I was dreaming. I was becoming disgusted with the dream I had been having about turning pictures of animals into women. It disgusted me even more that I was telling them about it. Suddenly I said, "Stop. Dream's over."

I began mulling over the dream.

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