Dream of: 11 September 1983 "Leaving Everything Behind"

After boarding a greyhound bus at a bus stop in Waco, Texas, I pulled a pink ticket to Mexico from my billfold and handed it to the bus driver. He asked me if I wanted him to make me a list of the places I would be stopping along the way; I answered, "Yes."

I told him I would be in the back of the bus and walked back.  I knew the back was the smoking section, but I still wanted to go back there and sit. Not many passengers were on the bus.

I sat down in the rearmost seat in the bus. I had been carrying a paper sack and set it on the floor in front of me.

Two men (both about 30 years old) were sitting close to each other in front of me; they both looked as if they were about 30 years old. The first man had his arm on the second fellow's shoulder and was rubbing the fellow's shoulder with his finger. I immediately knew the first man was homosexual. The second fellow was talking about something and when he stopped talking the first man began talking.

The second fellow moved a little away from the first man. The first man leaned over with his back to the second fellow's chest, held his hands together, put them over his head and around the second fellow's neck. The second fellow disentangled himself and pushed the first man away.

They then came back to my seat and the first man, who was obviously homosexual, sat next to me. I was disgusted by his sitting next to me and wanted to get away from him as quickly as possible.

I sat here for a few minutes, picked up my paper sack, rose and walked to the front. In the meantime the bus had practically filled with passengers; but one seat was still unoccupied in the very front; I sat down on it. I made sure the bus driver saw me so he would be able to give me my list.

It seemed strange that no one had sat in the front seat. People usually liked to sit there to have a good view of the passing countryside. Perhaps the Texas countryside was so drab people didn't want to see it.

We were going to stop at the Waco bus station before we left town. As we drove toward downtown, I saw the tallest building in town, the Alico building, the building which housed the Law Office in Waco was nearby.

A woman on the bus said she wanted to be let off at Stamps Street.

I looked out the window; Brian drove by in a white car. I was sure he saw me. He looked disgusted with me. Brian and I had been living together at the Apartment on Eighth Street. I had packed up a few things and left everything else behind including my flute; I hadn't even said anything to Brian about my leaving.

I thought that was similar to what Brian had done once when he had left Waco. He had left everything behind without telling anyone. He had even been in practice court and he hadn't told his partner when he had left.

A girl was in the car with Brian and at first I thought it was Louise. I hadn't even told Louise I was leaving; that made me sad. Perhaps when I reached Mexico I would write her.

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