Dream of: 10 September 1983 (2) "Elgin"

It was my last day of law school. I was planning to leave and went to Haim's house to talk with him before I did so. I walked inside and found Haim and his wife Susan lying in a bed together. I sat on one side of the bed and began talking with Haim.

He said something new was going to be turning up right here on the spot. I saw a movement underneath the cover and at first I thought it was some kind of animal, like a dog or cat. It crawled up between Haim and his wife and came out at the top of the cover.

It turned out to be a cute little girl (about 2 years old). I knew she wasn't Haim's child, but I thought perhaps Haim had adopted her. All at once I said, "I want one of those."

I thought it would be nice to adopt a child about that age. If I weren't going to be with Louise anymore, there was nothing to hold me back from doing so. I wanted to adopt a child from another country. I looked at the child and thought perhaps it had been adopted from a foreign country, although it looked American. However, I finally concluded the child belonged to Chester (a law student) and his wife Candis and the child was only staying with Haim.

The top of a Bic pen was lying nearby. I picked it up, stuck it in my ear for a moment and then took it out.

I told them that I was preparing to leave, but that I was unsure where I was going to go. I had a little over a thousand dollars and was planning to simply travel around for awhile. I planned to mail a box I had with me which was addressed to Elgin, France. I wondered if Haim knew the word "Elgin" meant "zeal" in German.

I was thinking about traveling around to some large cities and looking in the papers for adds for lawyers to do tax work. I thought it was close to April and tax lawyers would be needed. Perhaps I would go to California to see if I could stumble across some work there.

Haim seemed to think what I was going to do was a good idea, but I still had doubts about it.

The phone rang. I walked into the next room, answered it and said, "This is Haim's residence."

A girl on the other end wanted to know what I was doing there. I tried to explain to her. She sounded as if she were becoming angry; she said something about that "being a fine way to find out that I was going."

Suddenly she asked me if I had been sleeping with Birdie. I thought then perhaps the girl on the other end was Louise. But I hadn't heard her voice in a long time and was unsure. It sounded strange and unfamiliar, but I still thought it was Louise's voice and finally I said incredulously, "Is this Louise?"

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