Dream of: 10 September 1983 "Jacob"

As Louise and I walked down a street together and came to a crossroads, I thought I must leave Louise and go down one of the roads by myself. I chose one road, walked off alone listening to the song "America the Beautiful" playing in the background.

I continued wondering about Louise. I knew she had been married to a man named Jacob Jones and he hadn't treated her well. I was afraid she might end up having to return to him. So I turned around and went back to her. I found her and we continued walking together.

I had certain powers which Louise didn't realize I had, one of which was the power to fly. As we walked along I jumped up off my feet and flew over her. I grazed her head as I passed over and flew on ahead of her. When I had flown about 20 meters, I turned around and looked back at her. I felt wicked, almost like a bat. I thought about swooping back in over top her and frightening her; my face became contorted as I prepared to do so.

I awoke, realized I had been dreaming and began recording the dream. I knew Haim, who was in the next room, might be interested in the dream. I recorded how Louise and I had been together, how I had gone down the road and heard "America the Beautiful." When I saw Haim had stopped doing what he had been engaged in and was listening, I knew he was analyzing what I was saying.

I began writing the part of the dream where Louise was married to Jacob Jones. I thought Jacob Jones was actually Jim Johnson (a fellow who worked as a realtor in the Law Office in Waco). I began to wonder what significance the name Jacob had and why I had dreamed Louise had been married to someone named Jacob. I thought about the significance of the name Jacob in the Bible.

As I wrote the dream, I had the feeling I was writing questions for a deposition I was going to have of Jacob Jones and I realized I was at the Law Office in Waco. I began thinking about one of my legal clients, Helen Whitworth, and I wondered what it would be like if I began having dreams about a client like her. I had wondered about that before and now that I had actually begun working in a law office, I wondered if it would present any problems when clients began appearing in my dreams and I began using their names in print.

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