Dream of: 08 September 1983 "Import-Export"

I was sitting at a table across from my grandfather Liston, who reminded me a bit of Pat Murphy (a Waco man probably in his 60s who was a friend of Louise). I had gone to him and asked for some money which I needed to live on. He pulled out his billfold and began laying money on the table. I told him to give me ten and twenty dollar bills one at a time and he grudgingly began doing so. I figured he was giving me about $115 a month on which to live.

As he dispersed the money, he began holding some of the bills in his hand like playing cards. He would sometimes lay the money on the table and grab it back up before I could reach it. I picked up some of the bills and held them in my hands like cards. Once I had the bills in my hands, they actually looked like playing cards. The money in his hands also looked like playing cards.

He would throw money on the table and then throw a playing card on top of it. Finally I realized if I had a higher card, I could throw it down and take the money.

One time he threw down some bills and I had an ace in my hand. He also had a card ready to throw down. We both threw them down at the same time and they were both aces. He picked up the money and I said, "Well, give me back my ace anyway."

We continued and he threw down more money and cards. I threw down higher numbered cards and picked up the money and the smaller numbered cards. I picked up a king, a jack and some cards under ten. It took me a while to realize some of the cards were under ten.

I wanted him to give me all the money at once instead of going through this tedious process.

He asked me what I was planning to do and I told him I wanted to go to Mexico. He seemed skeptical and wanted to know what I was going to do there. I told him I was going to practice law. I said, "I have two advantages when I go there. One, I have a good background in law. And, secondly, I can speak Spanish."

He grumbled something about there being a lot of money to be made down there even in the worst of times. I became excited and said, "Right, you know why? It's because right now the economy in Mexico is depressed so  American goods can be imported and sold there and Mexican goods can be imported and sold in the United States."

I tried to think why Mexican goods could be imported into the United States.

I told him I wanted to go into the import-export business while I was living in Mexico.

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