Dream of: 06 September 1983 "Pleasant Music"

Louise was sitting to my right and Youngblood (a female law student) was seated to my left in the front row of a classroom filled with students. On a stage in front of the classroom was a vast assortment of musical instruments.

A girl stepped onto the stage and began distributing different instruments to various people in the room. Not all the students wanted instruments, but most did. Louise didn't want one.

I was handed what appeared to be a trumpet, except it was black and square. The keys moved down smoothly when I pushed them, but I was unsatisfied with it. I looked on the stage, saw a clarinet and thought I would rather have it. Then I saw a large beautiful flute sitting in an open case. It looked more elaborate than a usual flute. I asked the girl distributing the instruments why she didn't give me an instrument I could play.

She asked me what instrument I wanted. I told her I wanted the flute and made a motion as if I were playing the flute. She walked back to the instruments and brought me a flute not the one I had been looking at, but a smaller one in its case. The diameter of the flute was considerably smaller than a usual flute. I took the main stem out, handed it to Louise and asked her to hold it for me.

I took out the head piece, took the stem back from Louise and fitted them together. Lastly I pushed the foot end in. Louise said I was pushing too hard on the pieces and I shouldn't be forcing them in. I told her I had been taught to push them in that way.

I began playing the flute; the sound was quite beautiful. Other music began playing in the background; I tried to play along with it. I was hitting most of the right notes and the sound was quite pleasant.

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