Dream of: 05 September 1983 "Jerked Testes"

I had met a woman about a year older than I who was going to teach me to parachute. We went up in a plane and I prepared to jump. She gave me some instructions about how to jump from the plane. I jumped, but I didn't follow her instructions exactly. Nevertheless, my parachute opened and I began floating peacefully earthward.

The sky was calm and I was high above the clouds. The woman was nearby and we talked as I floated. I asked her why it made a difference to jump the way she had shown me. She said that was best to avoid having one's testes jerked and injured by the rope.

I realized I didn't know exactly where I would land, but I was unconcerned about it. I was thoroughly enjoying my descent.

The woman told me that going through the clouds would be interesting. Finally I hit the clouds and started through them. They were thick and moist and my visibility was reduced to almost zero.

I suddenly found myself on the ground talking to a woman on the phone. I asked her what to do in case I pulled the rip cord and the parachute didn't open. She was friendly and didn't seem to want to help me.

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