Dream of: 25 August 1983 "Desert Reclamation"

I was studying in a library. I wanted to read a book but I didn't know what. I thought I would turn my head away from the bookshelf, run my hand along it, pick a book at random and read it. I turned my head away and began running my hand along the shelf. I had an idea of what books were there, even though I couldn't see them. I thought I was in the math section and I didn't particularly want to read a math book. I started to pick some books, but I thought they felt too thick. Finally I picked a small, thin book, pulled it out and looked at it. The title on the cover was Desert Reclamation. It showed a picture of an Indian standing in front of a large mountain.

I leafed through the book and saw other pictures. The book was about reclamation of desert land. It struck me that I would be interested in learning how to reclaim land from the desert. If more land in the world were reclaimed from the desert and made productive, many more people would be able to eat. I thought it would be a good way to help people. It suddenly became clear to me what an excellent book it would be to read.

I sat down at a long table and began reading. A couple tables away from me were seated three black guys. One was talking rather loudly and I couldn't concentrate. Finally, to quiet him down, I went, "Shhhh."

He took offense and began talking louder and blaring out. I asked him to quiet down, but he wouldn't. Some other people, including Courtney (a former male law school classmate), were sitting nearby. I asked, "Does anyone else want this guy to quiet down?"

Courtney shook his head up and down as if to say yes, while another fellow sitting behind him said nothing.

The black fellow continued talking, obviously being heard all over the library. I decided I wasn't going to stay here, picked up my books and walked away. As I walked past the black fellow, I said, "You punk. You've had it now."

I walked on down the hall and went to the front desk, where the fellow could still be heard talking. At first I couldn't find anyone but finally a woman (about 20 years old) showed up. I told her about the fellow and she said she would go back to him.

Together she and I walked back to the table where the three black men were sitting. I could tell they wanted to pick a fight. The man who had been causing the noise jumped up and swung his fist at me. I started swinging back and a fight ensued. One of the other black men jumped in on the black man's side. Soon we wrestled to the ground. I was worried because two of them were against me. I screamed out, "Somebody help!"

I thought perhaps Courtney or someone else would help, but no one would help. I kept fighting and finally I bested them. The second black man backed off and I continued beating on the one who had been causing all the trouble. Finally he lay beaten. I stood and picked up the book he had been reading. I threw it to the ground and began stomping on it, kicking it and tearing it up.

I went over to one of the other black men and began hitting him in the chest with my fist. I knew if I hit him just right in the front, he would feel the force in his back. But we weren't angry with each other. I was just practicing with him. He said I was getting better at it.

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