Dream of: 19 August 1983 "Wasp Sting"

I was talking with someone in one of the rooms of the home of Dr. Weinstein and his wife, Mrs. Weinstein in Portsmouth. The Weinsteins, as well as Anderson, Julie (a law student) and Louise were there. I was a bit perturbed with Louise and noticed she was upset. I saw Julie sitting to the side by herself and thought about going over to talk with her just to upset Louise more.

Louise, who seemed a bit disoriented, suddenly rose and said she was going outside. Although I felt like stopping her and thought she wanted me to stop her, I didn't. She walked over to the door and exited.

A couple minutes later I heard her screaming wildly. I ran to the door, went outside and saw her about twenty meters away running from the house screaming and saying something about wasps. I looked around; several wasps were in the air. Obviously a wasp's nest had been near the door and Louise had stumbled onto it.

Several wasps began buzzing around my head; one landed in the palm of my hand, but I knocked it off before it could sting me. It landed again and I knocked it off again. I fell down on the grass and fended the wasps off.

I heard Louise continuing to scream. I rose, followed her and watched her run through the front door of a neighbor's house. I ran to the house, which at first I thought was under construction. But then I realized someone lived there, although I didn't think Louise knew who. I walked inside and saw a spacious living room covered with carpeting and filled with nice furniture.

A woman who obviously lived here stepped up. Next to the woman was a legless and armless mannequin wearing a white bra. I didn't see Louise anywhere. I was worried because I didn't think Louise knew whose house she was in. I became frantic and at the top of my lungs screamed, "Louise! Louise!"

The woman pointed to a side door and told me Louise had left that way. I walked out the door, saw a steep bank in front of me and heard a moaning which seemed to be coming from the bottom of the bank. I began going down the bank, but came to a walled, perpendicular drop off. I looked over to my right, saw some stairs and ran down them.

Louise was sitting and crying at the bottom. She had been stung and must be in terrible pain. I was worried she might be having a dangerous allergic reaction. But I knew she wanted me there holding her and I said, "You know you're glad I'm here."

I held her tightly and she seemed somewhat relieved.

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