Dream of: 16 January 1983 "Concession Stand"

I had allowed some acquaintances (one of whom was a dark-haired girl) to get into the trunk of my car so I could sneak them into a drive-in-theater. I drove into the theater and once inside, I headed for the back row, where I hoped to find a place to let the people out of the trunk unnoticed. But the back row was packed with cars and there was no more space.

I pulled the car up to another row and got out. But I obviously couldn't let the people out of the trunk here where they could be seen.

I walked to a small concession stand and went inside. When the woman behind the counter said something in French, I noticed some French francs posted on display and concluded I must be in France. That made me feel good.

I noticed a mirror and looked into it. I was wearing a black shirt and had let my beard grow so it was about a centimeter long. I looked quite good. It felt good to be an American in France.

A small girl (about 3 years old) walked up to me and wanted to play some kind of game. She grabbed my right leg below the knee, wrapped her legs around it and held on tight. I began walking around as she rode along on my leg. I was clumsy at first, but then became more adroit. I walked until I came to another concession stand. The girl then let go and seemed very pleased with the ride.

I met someone I knew who mentioned Walls and Walls' sister Carol Walls. He said they had gone to Los Angeles with their parents, apparently to some sort of old-age convention. Walls' parents had been able to go free, but Walls and Carol had had to pay.

I began talking to the owner of the concession stand and I told him I couldn't find a place to park. He pointed to some spots in front of his stand and said I could park there. I decided to do that, although I was afraid someone would see the people coming out of the car there.

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